Sounder and PodRoll Comes into Strategic Partnership to Improve Podcast Content Discovery


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Sounder and PodRoll announces their strategic partnership to drive relevant and personalized content recommendations to customers. The collaboration will transform the podcast listening experience.

PodRoll selects Sounder as its partner to fuel its podcast recommendation engine. With PodRoll’s unique strategy to maximize podcast consumption recommendations will solidify companies’ commitment to improve user engagements. This will also provide listeners with meaningful content to podcast.

Sounder’s AI-driven solutions seamlessly align with PodRoll’s vision of introducing a first-of-its-kind platform. Sounder’s technology will allow PodRoll to deliver highly personalized podcast recommendations based on each listener’s preferences and patterns. PodRoll can examine and classify podcast content by using AI-tools.

Read More: Sounder and PodRoll Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Podcast Content Discovery and Recommendations

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