Zoovu Introduces Industry-First Generative AI Solution for Ecommerce


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Zoovu, the leading AI-powered product discovery and ecommerce experience platform, introduced Advisor Studio, the first fully optimized generative AI solution built to solve customer frustration, mistrust, and choice overload when shopping online while driving greater revenue for brands.

Ecommerce brands spend millions of dollars and dedicate entire teams to attract shoppers to their sites. However, customers are often met with an overwhelming number of options and generic or overly technical product pages. This makes it extremely difficult for them to find products that align with their specific needs, leading to confusion and frustration for consumers, and low conversion rates, decreasing sales, and almost non-existent return on investment for brands.

Advisor Studio solves these challenges for brands and buyers alike. It combines generative AI and large language models (LLMs) with enriched product data in Zoovu’s platform and zero-party data from guided selling assistants to personalize the last mile of the buyer journey. Not only are customers provided perfect recommendations based on their needs and preferences, but each product detail page is also customized to the buyer. Advisor Studio also allows companies to embed an AI-enabled assistant, named ZOE, on product detail pages to answer questions about the product. It’s like having a brand’s best salesperson available on every product detail page, 24/7. Now, brands have the power to turn more browsers into buyers while giving consumers a frictionless experience, from beginning to end.

Advisor Studio joins Zoovu’s suite of product discovery solutions, which create a seamless product discovery journey for consumers and brands alike. From the first interaction with shoppers to evaluation, purchase, and beyond, Zoovu’s personalized ecommerce experiences transform the process of finding the perfect products and services from a necessary chore to a tailored, interactive, and enjoyable journey. These experiences are used by some of the biggest brands in the world to drive over 20 million engagements every year and turn browsers into buyers at a rate up to 10x higher than the industry average. Advisor Studio closes the loop on this experience, allowing companies to offer an end-to-end personalized experience wherein businesses can understand customer needs, recommend the perfect products based on these needs, and connect customers with an AI-enabled product expert to guide them to the right choice.

“Brands have always struggled to replicate the in-store, consultative shopping experience online and help customers quickly discover the products that will best meet their needs. By embedding generative AI into our platform, we are solving this issue by changing how brands engage customers online, intelligently connecting them with the right products for a better customer experience,” says Jonathan Taylor, Chief Technology Officer at Zoovu.

“Our platform’s existing use of applied AI is driving double-digit conversion rates for our customers unheard of in ecommerce where 3% conversions are still considered satisfactory. Advisor Studio’s generative AI will drive this even higher.”

Advisor Studio is currently being piloted by select Zoovu customers. Limited availability for Advisor Studio is scheduled for Q1 2024 with general availability launching later in 2024.

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A recent survey by Zoovu of over 1,000 consumers in the US found that 89% of consumers struggle to find the products they’re looking for and 36% struggle because they can’t find the information they need to make a decision. For more than 15 years, Zoovu’s AI capabilities have been able to solve the choice overload issue by amassing the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate product information data sets across more than 70,000 categories. Now, with Advisor Studio, the company has brought together perfect product and customer data with LLMs to create the industry’s most comprehensive and trustworthy personalized online shopping experience.

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