Zingtree Empowers B2C Companies to Handle 160 Million+ Customer Interactions with AI-Driven Automation


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Zingtree, a leading AI-enabled customer experience (CX) automation platform, reached significant milestones in its journey to empower enterprises with the tools to leverage AI for CX automation. With a strong focus on simplifying complex service environments and providing essential guardrails for AI-driven CX automation, Zingtree has processed over 162 million customer interactions, enhancing both agent and customer experiences for B2C companies.

In today’s complex customer service environments, agents are often overwhelmed by the number of apps and data they must navigate, leading to friction points in the customer experience. Zingtree’s CX Automation platform tackles this challenge by unifying all back-end systems, data, and knowledge into a no-code environment to power context, decisions, policies, and automation for customer experience.

This innovative approach guides customers and agents through interactive workflows, providing efficient automation and guidance on specific inquiries. The impact is the elimination of lengthy hold times and efficient resolutions. Zingtree’s platform improves both agent and customer experiences, ultimately fostering stronger customer loyalty.

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“We collaborate with CX leaders to build a solution that solves real-world challenges at enterprise scale. Zingtree’s growth is a testament to the value our platform is delivering,” said Juan Jaysingh, CEO of Zingtree. “As we continue to scale, Zingtree is poised to revolutionize the way businesses leverage AI to deliver exceptional customer experiences.”

Zingtree CX Automation platform has seen remarkable growth, with 66,000 authors contributing to over 200,000 workflows. The company has also grown its enterprise customer base with the addition of prominent brands such as Groupon, Corpay (previously FLEETCOR), Pearson, Optum and Allianz.

“What made us begin working with Zingtree was trying to solve complexity,” said Todd Sale, Senior VP of Customer Experience at Corpay. “We are a company that has many products and systems. We knew we needed to simplify our complex service environment for our associates and offer a better customer experience. We started a small pilot with Zingree, and it was wildly successful. We’re about a year into deployment and roughly half of our interactions are fully supported by Zingtree. The implementation reduced agent errors which has greatly improved our customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.”

Zingtree’s vision extends beyond the traditional ticketing system, which lacks automation and connectivity. The company believes in a ticketless approach to customer service, where consumers receive resolutions rather than conversations. With Zingtree’s CX Automation platform, enterprises have the potential to automate up to 95% of interactions, driving efficiency and improving customer satisfaction.

Zingtree is preparing to release several key products and enhancements this year, further solidifying the company’s position as a leader in AI-powered enterprise CX.

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