WiMi Announced A Digital Holographic Microscope System To Offer Accurate 3D Surface Shape Inspection


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WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc., a leading global Hologram Augmented Reality (“AR”) Technology provider, today announced the development of the WIMI Digital Holographic Microscope System to solve the problems of phase information acquisition difficulties, zero-order image, and conjugate image interference in optical technology. The system uses coherent optical imaging theory combined with digital holography and will be applied to the 3D surface shape detection of micro/nano components.

The system uses a digital holographic angular spectrum reconstruction algorithm that allows the bit-phase distribution of surface scratches on optical components to be obtained and the entire area to be detected using scanning and stitching techniques. Based on the system device, a 3D precision scanning element is added to measure the surface scratches and stitch them into the whole holographic stereo image so that the system can image the complete 3D morphology of the object’s detection area.

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A charge-coupled device is used to replace the traditional holographic recording, the angle algorithm is used to simulate the diffraction process of the optics, and the numerical simulation is performed to reproduce the wavefront surface distribution of the light field of the original object so that the whole process of holographic recording, storage, transmission, and reproduction can be digitized to achieve the micro/nano precision requirements, with the advantages of the full field of view, non-contact and non-destructive.

The system uses holography to produce real-time, high-resolution, 3D digital images. The holographic image is produced by the interference of reference light with the object’s light, which is then recorded by a holographic camera and transmitted to a computer for real-time digital reconstruction. In this process, a hologram is captured and reconstructed in just a few microseconds. The resulting target hologram is then analyzed by the system’s dedicated data acquisition and analysis software to generate the following:

Light intensity map: provides images with the same contrast as a conventional microscope.

Phase diagram: provides quantified values for accurate 3D measurement of the object under test.

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With reflective digital holography, the phase diagram reveals the object’s surface light intensity map topography under test with sub-nanometer precision. In transmissive digital holography, the phase diagram shows the phase shift information of the transparent sample under test, and these values provide essential quantitative information for primarily biological samples. This diverse approach to digital holography provides increased precision for video and computational microscopy image levels. However, WiMi will also adjust various optical parameters in the optical microscope, including optical phase contrast, digital image focusing, image tilt adjustment, and elimination of environmental perturbations.

WiMi’s Digital Holographic Microscope System provides a full-field-of-view, non-destructive, and rapid quantitative inspection method for 3D surface shape inspection of micro-optical components. Later, through further analysis of data accuracy and experimental study of multiple samples, this system is expected to be used for pre-processing, optimization, and subsequent quality assessment of micro/nano components.

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