Vmade Announced Partnership With Skyee To Build A New Global Payment Experience For Customers


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WeTrade Group Inc., a global diversified “software as a service” (“SaaS”) technology service provider committed to providing technical support and digital transformation tools for enterprises across multiple industries, today announced that its strategic partner Vmade Tech PTE. LTD (“Vmade”) has launched cooperation with Skyee, a cross-border ecological payment service provider, to jointly provide customers with safe and convenient cross-border fund management services and create a new global payment experience.

As a cross-border ecological payment service provider, Skyee is one of the first batch of Amazon’s PSPP payment service providers, and a member enterprise of Lakala, the first A-share listed third-party payment company in China. It mainly provides safe, reliable and convenient cross-border fund management services to cross-border e-commerce enterprises, including B2C cross-border collection, B2B foreign trade collection, 7/24 foreign exchange management, supplier clearing, RMB withdrawal and factoring financing. Skylee aims to provide effective capital flow management, reduce payment costs and enhance global competitiveness for Chinese enterprises going overseas.

Since its establishment, Skyee has won the Fengming Award for China’s cross-border e-commerce twice, and has won many other awards, including the AAA Asia Award of the Treasury, one of the most credible awards in the Asian investment community, and was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise in 2019. At the same time, Skyee is subject to multiple international regulations. It owns MSB and MSO licenses, employs global TOP5 accounting firms to conduct comprehensive audits every year, and uses the Accuity risk control database to align itself with global mainstream industry standards. Skyee adheres to the core principle of protecting user information and capital security, and has always demand its own technology and operation team of  ensuring the capital security and compliance of businesses and users based on the top international security standards, so as to build all development on the basis of security.

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Skyee Card is a product that Skyee, through reorganizing and defining cross-border payment scenarios, works with card issuers to launch online merchant payment products that support Visa and MasterCard. Skylee Card solves the overseas multi-frequency and fragmented payment needs of cross-border e-commerce enterprises, and effectively helps Chinese enterprises go overseas to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Tianyi Card is a global collection, payment and exchange network and virtual card intelligent network management based on API services, which allows customers to process global funds in a one-stop way with fast, high success rate and economic benefits.

Vmade is a partner of WeTrade Group, which authorizes Vmade to implement the commercial application of WTPay technology in the world. Vmade can quickly respond to customer needs, not only providing independent site building services for cooperative customers, but also providing integrated cross-border private domain growth solutions for cooperative merchants from multiple dimensions such as global supply chain connection, marketing customer acquisition, customer transformation, compliance management, and cross-border payment.

WTPay is a cross-border financial service platform, which provides the fastest T+0 cross-border trade supply chain fund collection service for cross-border shipping enterprises. WTPay connects resources in more than 100 countries and eight mainstream currencies, and establishes cooperative alliances with more than 15 payment companies around the world to help customers quickly carry out global collection and payment business. As of today, WTPay has been promoted and put into trial operation in the United States, Singapore, Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia and other places.

The cooperation between Vmad and Skyee will provide a better global payment experience in the field of cross-border e-commerce, bring new payment options for cross-border e-commerce enterprises, and jointly create a new blueprint for global payment.

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