Typeset Launches Generative Technology to Automatically Design Visual Content


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Typeset  today announced the public launch of its generative platform for visual communication that turns written text into fully designed content. Typeset is already used by 1,000s of customers to quickly create presentations, documents, brochures, ebooks, ad imagery and more. Compared with existing graphic design tools, the new platform dramatically reduces the time, cost and effort spent creating everyday visual content.

Inspired by their background in design and machine learning, 3x founders Dr. Bjarki Holm and Stefan Olafsson built Typeset to make creating slide decks and visual documents less daunting. Whether for a small team meeting or a large presentation, they envisioned a solution that changed the way people create rich content.

Typeset does just that by enabling brands and businesses to create premium content in minutes, for sales, marketing, business development, ad creation and other needs – without creative or design expertise.

“Most of us can relate to hours spent trying to use stock templates. Typeset takes aim at the traditional design-led solutions and effectively turns that model on its head,” said Stefan Olafsson, co-Founder of Typeset. “Instead, in the blink of an eye, Typeset automatically designs for thousands of combinations, based on exactly what you’ve written or added. Incorporating hand-picked imagery and harmonious palettes, Typeset’s generative technology creates content that simply goes together and accomplishes what you’re trying to achieve.”

With a focus on speed, creation, and brand consistency, Typeset ensures that businesses can maintain a cohesive visual identity across all collateral. Unlike traditional design software, Typeset’s intuitive interface and generative technology democratize design by eliminating the requirement for a ‘designer’s eye’. This approach aligns with the modern work landscape where the demand for visual content is skyrocketing, often overwhelming available design resources.

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“Typeset seamlessly produces the content we need to attract clients and customers alike,” said Jake Lane, the Director of Performance Marketing for Captain Experiences. “Our team cut the time we spend producing marketing materials like brochures, e-books, and even internal decks to a fraction of our week with a major boost in quality. This frees up time for other work – which is how our high growth startup will succeed.”

In Spring 2023, Typeset, formerly Dropdeck and since renamed, was acquired by SamCart. Under SamCart’s stewardship, Typeset has experienced exponential growth, highlighted by 100% month-over-month growth in its paying subscriber base and over 10,000 pieces of content created to-date. The digital seller audience SamCart already serves is seeing massive success building sellable content through the platform. Typeset’s comparative affordability caters to a diverse clientele from small startups to established corporations.

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