tomi Receives $40M In A Funding Round Led By DWF Labs For Its Alternative Internet


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tomi, an anonymous project led by eight big names in crypto, secures $40 million for its DAO-governed alternative internet network in a funding round led by DWF Labs. Ticker Capital, Piha Equities, Japanese crypto whale and community leader Hirokado Kohji and additional private investors also participated in the round. tomi will leverage the funding to court content creators for its network.

One of the goals of the modern internet, now dominated by Google, Facebook, and the like, was to provide consumers with uncensored and limitless access to knowledge and freedom of expression. While it served that purpose in its early years, the world wide web has succumbed to government and corporate surveillance and censorship that grows more stringent by the day. While some alternatives to the mainstream internet protect user privacy and access to uncensored information, “dark web” networks end up fostering illicit activities. So much so that Google has started offering its One users a tool that tracks the dark web for traces of your personal data being sold.

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tomi kicks off a clean slate for the internet with its DAO-governed alternative internet network that promotes freedom of speech and access to uncensored information. tomi will leverage the funds to facilitate the onboarding of big-name content creators and publishers to the network, ensuring users have a secure access to high-quality content. The team is also developing a fairer monetization plan that will help creators focus on the content itself while staying away from distracting sponsorship mentions and ad breaks. tomi will also use the funding for further development of technologies ensuring the privacy of tomiPAY users and tomiDAO members.

The community-led tomiDAO governs the alternative network and votes on proposals about everything, ranging from code alterations to censoring content that doesn’t meet the network’s community guidelines. Terror, child porn, and other forms of violence are among the categories on the guidelines to be voted down by the DAO.

“We are thrilled to invest in tomi, a revolutionary project that aims to provide a truly free and open internet experience. With its DAO-governed alternative network, tomi is paving the way for a censorship-free environment where users can access high-quality content without compromising their privacy. We believe that the team’s commitment to fair monetization and development of technologies ensuring privacy will make tomi the go-to destination for content creators and users alike. We look forward to seeing tomi’s impact on the internet landscape and are excited to be a part of this journey.” says Andrei Grachev, Managing Partner of DWF Labs.

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“I am thrilled to be part of this funding round and eager to witness the impact tomi will make,” says Hirokado Kohji. “As an investor, my focus is not only on providing financial support, but also fostering growth and expansion in the Asian market. With that in mind, I am committed to working with tomi to ensure its success and wider adoption in this region.”

Piha Equities: “We are thrilled to join the tomi family and support its innovative approach to internet governance. We look forward to seeing tomiNET grow and evolve, and we believe in its potential to create a fairer and more secure internet for everyone.”

Ticker Capital: “At Ticker Capital, we seek out early-stage blockchain projects with the potential to disrupt existing industries. We see great potential for tomiNET to attract top-tier content creators and publishers.”

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