TCI-DX Support wins a patent. transcosmos develops a proprietary digital platform that solves and dramatically enhances CX across customer touchpoints


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transcosmos inc., offers website and application development business and contact center business, both at one of the largest scales in Asia. With a hybrid service delivery model that combines the latest chatbots and agent-chat with about 100,000 workstations globally, transcosmos delivers services that embrace new customer communication styles and behavioral patterns that have changed dramatically as smartphones penetrated the market.

Now, transcosmos has built TCI-DX for Support, its proprietary model that helps optimize CX across all touchpoints between businesses and their customers. Using VoC (voice of the customer) on social networking services (SNS) on top of direct customer feedback that companies receive, the hybrid chat channel services not only double the self-service rate on websites and apps, but also achieve almost 3 times higher productivity than call-only services.

Uniting the hybrid chat channel model and call centers organically, transcosmos has built TCI-DX for Support, its proprietary model that helps optimize CX at all touchpoints between businesses and their customers. Today, 60 companies have already deployed TCI-DX for Support, and are using services that include developing websites and apps, hybrid chat, and call centers. transcosmos aims to implement a comprehensive service package that covers website and app development and the utilization of VoC on SNS to 100 companies by the end of the fiscal year 2024.

TCI-DX for Support wins a patent

Via TCI-DX for Support, transcosmos has been offering data collection, analysis and utilization services across diverse customer touchpoints. Now, transcosmos has obtained a patent for its technology used in the TCI-DX for Support for utilizing VoC data. Leveraging the patented technology, transcosmos will continue to reinforce TCI-DX for Support.

    • Swiftly identify disappointing customer experience and achieve a significant improvement via CX diagnostics.
    • Boost the resolution rate by tuning and optimizing the hybrid chat model (chatbot and agent-bot).
    • Boost the self-service rate by redesigning corporate website’s UI and UX and enhancing user support content and FAQs.
    • Make users understand more about the benefits of your products and services using ad creative and content marketing.
    • Accelerate the PDCA cycle and boost quality by utilizing data on various dashboards including InsightBI, our proprietary developed tool.
    • Boost productivity by automating the process from analysis to improvement by connecting TCI-DX for Support with GenAI (generative AI) services.

Story behind TCI-DX for Support

As customer touchpoints diversify, consumers now communicate via a wider range of channels including websites, SNS, chat, and calls. Yet, businesses remain challenged with making a shift to digital channels. In addition, transcosmos survey found that more than one in three consumers share their opinions as well as their unhappy customer experience on SNS, rather than communicating such experiences directly with businesses. Most companies only manage to optimize each communication channel separately, and fail to solve the crux of users’ dissatisfaction and reduce the total time for problem solving, resulting in a poor CX.

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To help businesses, transcosmos established methods to remove unnecessary data at the data preparation process as well as methods to integrate data based on its expertise in managing a full-funnel marketing approach from website and apps development, contact center services to SNS operations, and its deep industry knowledge. Building on VoC accumulated in contact centers, SNS, and chats, transcosmos developed a technology which comprehensively analyzes customer experience data collected at diverse customer touchpoints across the customer journey. Highly recognized for its uniqueness, the technology received a patent.

The methods drastically save time for data analytics. What’s more, by delivering an environment that makes it easier for users to solve their problems by themselves across all communication channels, transcosmos aims to reduce total time for solving a problem by 30%. At the same time, transcosmos will serve clients in both reducing costs for customer services, and expanding sales by making the most of the identified issues in enhancing their marketing activities.

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