Talkmap Releases Talkdiscovery Version 8.0, with Continuous Intent Discovery (CID)


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Talkmap has been working with GPT and LLMs since 2018, leveraging our world-leading expertise in linguistics, LLMs, & generative AI to deliver patented, specialized AI within our own secure platform that provides unparalleled visibility for business leaders.

And now, with ChatGPT becoming a household name, and AI technology discussions making their way into the front pages and cover stories of global news outlets, it’s no surprise Talkmap is getting a lot of attention, and rightfully so.

Talkmap’s AI-powered platform turns 100% of customer conversations into CX insight in real time, transforming operations, CX, automation, and profitability. Talkmap’s specialized AI enables companies to immediately leverage the most powerful benefits of AI with secure and accurate results trusted by the world’s largest brands.

“As a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, Infosys helps clients realize value through innovative use of AI tailored for unique needs of each industry…Talkmap unlocks real-time CX insights enabled by AI to create disruptive value” Rajesh Menon, Chief Delivery Officer, Infosys Consulting.

Version 8 features Continuous Intent Discovery (CID), a new process that helps CX Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) identify new customer intents, goals, and issues for business consumption and operational efficiencies. This is important because the playing field of businesses is constantly changing, so business leader’s understanding of what customers are asking has to change along with it, and their customer service agents must continuously adapt to those changes as well.

“Talkmap has patented technology that enables enterprises to employ Generative AI and Large Language Models to extract actionable insights from conversations they continuously carry on with customers in a way that is secure, accurate and reliable,” said Dan Miller, lead analyst at Opus Research.

To leverage Talkdiscovery 8.0, companies simply feed customer conversation data into Talkmap’s secure platform and it automatically analyzes, discovers, labels, groups, structures, & maps all the reasons customers are calling and then continues to monitor & visualize 100% of ongoing conversations to provide a real-time pulse on what your customers are asking and what your agents are saying. This provides transformational visibility into every aspect of a company’s business, helping make CX more effective in the face of changing needs, new products, new sentiment, and new business approaches.

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“Talkmap’s patented, specialized AI provides companies with transformational visibility into their customer conversations in a way that is accurate, secure, and highly actionable.” Myron Prevatt, Chief Product Officer, Talkmap.

Many world leading brands have already implemented Talkmap and many others are currently in process, with customers using Talkdiscovery to address dozens of use cases delivering $10s of millions in operational savings. Some examples include improving first call resolution, reducing call transfers with enhanced call routing, developing more proactive communications, and improving containment in digital channels. Enterprises can also leverage conversation summaries to add to the agent desktop so agents can see prior conversations in real-time.

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