Strategus Launches Search and Social Attribution to Better Measure and Analyze Performance of Integrated CTV Marketing Campaigns


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Strategus, the technology company creating innovative solutions for programmatic CTV advertising campaigns, today announced the launch of its new search and social attribution measurement solution, “Search and Social Impact Attribution”. The new product matches website conversions from Paid Search & Paid Social ad clicks against those converters who had previously been exposed to one or more CTV ads. The first-of-its-kind measurement solution allows brands and advertisers to directly connect path-to-conversion and attribution from programmatic CTV advertising to low-funnel search and social campaigns.

In today’s fragmented media environment, consumers are exposed to brand and product advertisements across dozens of channels and devices. In order to understand the efficacy of each campaign, marketers must be able to monitor and analyze exposure across all channels. According to proprietary research from Strategus, search and social advertisements served in conjunction with programmatic CTV advertising deliver significant improvements to conversion rates. In one campaign, consumers who were served a CTV advertisement from Strategus in concert with a Google search ad were more than 100% likely to convert into customers. Furthermore, conversion rates were more than 1000% higher for consumers who were served a CTV advertisement from Strategus along with a Facebook ad. Tracking similar conversion across channels is critical for marketers in today’s increasingly performance-oriented environment.

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“Today’s performance marketing campaigns shouldn’t be tracked or analyzed in silos. Instead, advertisers must be able to understand the impact of each individual action within the context of the entire campaign,” said Joel Cox, co-founder and senior vice president of strategy and innovation at Strategus. “As marketers increasingly rely on CTV as a key component of their marketing campaigns, our new performance solution for search and social attribution allows them to track the impact of each CTV advertisement, providing new levels of clarity into brand lift and campaign efficacy.”

“As a performance marketer, understanding brand awareness impact on sales is important but also challenging. Search and Social Impact Attribution gave us more insight into the customer journey, which aided this analysis and gave us validation that higher funnel activities aided our sales acquisition channels,” said Pat Patterson, Senior Marketing Manager at Meetup.

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