Storyteq launching AI engine BrandCore to empower global marketers


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Storyteq, the technology arm of Inspired Thinking Group, is launching BrandCore, an innovative AI-driven engine providing marketers with secure, controllable AI that works for them and their brand.

BrandCore runs on an innovative AI model that learns from user interactions and brand guidelines to bolster brand-compliant marketing and provide marketers with greater control over campaigns, as well as automating repetitive manual tasks to save time.

The BrandCore engine will help brands to brief and create, through higher quality assets and brand templates; scale, by producing engaging content more efficiently; and distribute, by promoting content across all channels and media formats, empowering marketers to engage with more customers than ever before.

Building on Storyteq’s Gartner award-winning Creative Automation capabilities and the recent development of their brand-compliant generative AI, BrandCore is unlocking the power of AI in a relevant, usable way for global brands.

James Masters, Content, Media & Commerce Product Director at GSK, said: “We are excited by the developments Storyteq are making through leveraging AI, it presents a unique opportunity to extract significant efficiencies for our marketing teams.”

The brand-compliant engine will utilise deep learning to understand everything from IP rights to brand guidelines, and has the capability to create suggestions based on live assets to improve campaign effectiveness.

As it learns over time, BrandCore will provide marketers with greater consistency across campaigns and have the ability to flag when elements are non-compliant from a legal perspective, or simply off brand.

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Lennard Kooy, CEO of Storyteq, said: “BrandCore is a truly revolutionary AI-powered marketing assistant that will work hand-in-hand with marketers and creatives working for enterprise brands, empowering them to produce a higher volume of high-impact, targeted content than ever before. Building on Storyteq’s generative AI capabilities, BrandCore offers a way for marketers to control AI, secure their AI and make AI work for them.”

BrandCore is designed to serve four core pillars: personalised, enterprise-ready AI; customer data safety; protection of intellectual property rights; and scalable content production and activation. All built to unleash the creativity of marketers, interested parties can now reach out to participate in the BrandCore beta programme.

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