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SmartSimple Software, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for government grants management and corporate giving, announced today the launch of SmartSimple Cloud +AI. This groundbreaking product introduces transformative, end-to-end AI support throughout the entire government grants management lifecycle, streamlining the process, and further reducing administrative burden.

SmartSimple Cloud +AI is the first fully integrated AI product for government grants management. It deeply integrates AI-powered text completion, the same functionality popularized by OpenAI’s ChatGPT-3, to government grants management workflows. The product leverages SmartSimple Cloud’s powerful architecture to allow government grantmakers to use AI according to their specific needs throughout the entire grant process.

SmartSimple Cloud +AI responds to both human and workflow-initiated queries, supporting grantmakers across all stages of the granting lifecycle. It seamlessly integrates into the SmartSimple Cloud experience, allowing users to interact with AI within the SmartSimple Cloud user interface.

“We believe that the advent of the AIs will release a torrent of innovation such as the world has rarely seen,” said Mike Reid, SmartSimple Software Co-Founder and COO. “By integrating the AIs into our platform, SmartSimple Cloud, and integrating early, we will unleash this power to our clients in support of their missions.”

As SmartSimple Cloud +AI is a new technology, there is still much to be explored in terms of potential uses. However, several strengths include the ability to supplement and enrich data in real-time, perform precise and automatic text summarization, and enable personalized communication on a large scale.

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We envision clients applying AI throughout the entire government grants lifecycle, including:
Using SmartSimple Cloud +AI at the program creation and registration stage to create program summaries, suggesting call-specific questions, shortlisting applicants to be invited to specific calls, flagging ineligible applicants, performing duplicate checks, auto-completing user profile data on their behalf, and performing due diligence checks.

During the grant application and review stages, AI can assist grantees through the application process, write detailed application summaries, make spelling and grammar corrections, generate committee board books with narrative summaries, create personalized thank you notes, suggest applications to review, and perform instant language translations.

During the award and post-award stages, AI can create award and declination letters based on the decision inputs, write narratives based on report responses, generate grant annotations, and summarize requested revisions.

SmartSimple Cloud +AI enables each workflow to be enriched by AI in a manner unique for each organization. This allows for the further customization of workflows to meet the specific needs of each grant program, providing a more tailored experience for both administrators and applicants.

SmartSimple Cloud +AI leverages advanced AI functionality using large language models (LLMs) such as OpenAI and Google Bard, and will support other AI services as they become available.

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