Sendbird Announces Salesforce Connector To Elevate The Service Experience For Support Agents & Customers


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Sendbird, the global conversations platform for mobile apps with over 300 million monthly active users, today announced the public beta release of its new integration with Salesforce Service Cloud. Sendbird’s Salesforce Connector allows any business to extend Salesforce Service Cloud capabilities to deliver an exceptional live chat support experience to customers. Requiring just a few hours to integrate, this powerful connector enables businesses to leverage Sendbird’s robust chat features to offer real-time, personalized support directly within their own mobile app, resulting in happier customers and increased loyalty.

The new Sendbird Salesforce Connector stands out because of its superior chat capabilities such as rich media attachments, image moderation, webhooks, and a customizable end-user experience that can be tailored to your customers’ specific needs. Sendbird is also harnessing the power of ChatGPT to offer live agents advanced tools that enhance their performance within their existing workflows. With these upgraded features, agents can engage in more productive, meaningful, and responsive customer communications, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

“With Sendbird’s new Salesforce Connector, agents can take their interactions to the next level,” said Sendbird CEO and Co-founder John S. Kim. “We’re giving teams the superpowers they need to make the most of every single contact. We’re operating in a time when everyone is examining whether every dollar spent is worth the value they receive. Sendbird wants to ensure organizations excel at providing value through outstanding customer service to win loyalty and improve retention.”

Sendbird Salesforce Connector Turns Support Tickets Into Customer Satisfaction Wins Better together, Salesforce and Sendbird are upgrading the Salesforce Service Cloud capabilities to further improve customer service. With Sendbird’s SDKs, organizations now can create the ideal, fully customizable customer experience they’ve envisioned to help differentiate their brand.

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The new integration enables the following features:

  • Einstein bot integration: The Sendbird connector is fully compatible with Salesforce’s Einstein bot. Simply turn ON the bot settings, and the Einstein bot will automate the customer service experience.
  • New message alert with notification sounds: Never miss a customer message by enabling the notification sound for new incoming messages. This also helps agents respond with unprecedented speed.
  • Sendbird chat in case details lightning page: Chat with customers right within the case details without having to move around different tabs or the chat widget.
  • Sendbird chat widget in utility bar: Set agent availability status to chat with customers and collectively see all assigned cases within the case list.
  • Summarize (powered by ChatGPT) – Agents no longer need to read the conversation from the very start – just click on ‘Summarize’ to get a brief summary of the entire chat conversation between agent and customer.
  • Switch case from chat list: Chat with multiple customers at the same time by simply switching chat cases from the case list.
  • Transcripts: Once the case is closed, a transcript of the case (log between the customer and agent) is created as a record of the conversation. No detail is lost, and should an issue arise in the future, the complete history is easy to review.

Additionally, with the Sendbird Salesforce Connector, organizations get an out-of-the-box solution that can be implemented within hours compared to other connectors that can take weeks. This translates to faster time to value.

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