Sailebot® 2 Delivers 130% Sales Prospecting Efficiency Breakthrough for Enterprises


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Sailes, the industry leader in AI-powered sales prospecting, today debuts Sailebot® 2 – a revolutionary autonomous AI system designed to eliminate manual tasks in favor of high-value, high-return sales activities. With the capacity to streamline tasks at an impressive 16x the human rate, Sailebot® 2 alleviates the burdens of administrative work for sales executives. Last year, this patent-pending technology automated a staggering 33 million sales prospecting tasks, resulting in 2.5M hours saved in labor. Boasting a remarkable 130% increase in prospecting efficiency, Sailebot® 2 sets a new standard for enterprise sales success. 

Sales teams find themselves bogged down in administrative work that holds them back from the actual job of selling. Recent reports show that, despite the urgency to close deals swiftly, sales professionals spend only 28% of their week engaged in actual selling, with the rest consumed by tedious administrative tasks. Nick Smith, Founder and CEO of Sailes said, “Salespeople used to spend six hours a day selling and two hours updating their CRM. They were told it was inefficient. Now, salespeople spend six hours a day in platforms and dashboards and not nearly enough time selling. They’re not doing what they love, they’re not doing what they were hired to do, and less business is being closed.”

Exacerbating the issue, the high turnover rate among sales professionals leaves positions vacant, but funds for hiring replacements are limited, with 85% of sales leaders struggling to secure budgets for essential headcount. This underscores an industry-wide need for automation that amplifies the capabilities of human representatives.

“With this latest product release, Sailes continues to strengthen its market-leading platform and provide even more value for its rapidly growing customer base. Sales teams now have even greater control and ability to customize their Sailebots, enjoy enhanced reporting and analytics, and benefit from Sailes’ ever-improving, cutting-edge AI and conversational intelligence. It’s incredibly exciting to see Sailes revolutionizing the way enterprise sales teams function,” said Michael Rockhold, Principal, Lewis & Clark Ventures.

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Sailebot® 2 leads the industry in sales automation, uniquely capable of autonomously managing tasks from data lookup and email validation to content generation and email responses. What sets it apart is its unparalleled ability to mirror the individual personality and sales style of each representative. As a digital extension, Sailebot® 2 seamlessly adapts to diverse sales approaches, accommodating assertive closers and relationship builders alike.

Smith added, “Sailebots are digital extensions of salespeople, mirroring their personalities and sales styles and do the prospecting work hands-free. It’s a real-life solution to the age-old problem: ‘I wish there were two of me’.”

The new release of Sailebot® 2 offers enterprises significant advancements in language understanding and performance, resulting in more precise actions taken by the bot, while reducing the level of human intervention. Key advancements of Sailebot® 2 include:

  • 130% Increase in Prospecting Efficiency: Driven by advanced natural language comprehension, neural networks, and multiple transformer models, Sailebot® 2 increases prospecting efficiency while significantly increasing positive prospecting outcomes for salespeople. 
  • Advanced Sales Reasoning: Ex: Sailebot® 2’s Sales Cognition feature has improved capabilities to enable more precise prospecting actions (ex: identifying referrals) and improved language comprehension, allowing it to take the same advantageous approach to prospecting that a human Sales Executive would. 
  • Multi-Layer Intelligence: Rather than rely on traditional training operations, Sailebot® 2 is the aggregate of several advanced AI models, all of which correspond to unique steps in the sales prospecting journey. These multiple layers of intelligence arm the Sailebot® with advanced reasoning and decision-making capabilities for sales use cases.

Sailebot® 2 represents the next generation of AI native sales automation, providing unparalleled capabilities in autonomous prospecting for enhanced productivity and efficiency in sales. On the heels of this announcement, Sailes has experienced a twofold increase in its active Sailebots in the past 30 days.

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