Resonate Launches AI Network rAI: Predictive Consumer Data


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Resonate, the pioneer of AI-driven consumer data and intelligence, is introducing its most advanced AI neural network to date, rAI. Pronounced “Ray,” this groundbreaking AI modeling infrastructure transforms vast sums of raw data into rich, continuously updated attributes to depict a comprehensive understanding of 230 million consumers. rAI generates the industry-leading Resonate Elements consumer data set and delivers the ability to quickly and cost-effectively model data to meet any unique company requirement. Unlike any other offering on the market, rAI allows brands and agencies to easily access a scaled and precise understanding of any dimension of the US consumer, empowering brands and agencies with an unprecedented advantage over their competition.

rAI, powers cutting-edge, highly precise predictive models. These are fine-tuned to dynamically generate scaled consumer data. Additionally, rAI includes a multi-sourced identity graph to align Resonate data to consumers and their related devices for seamless omnichannel activation. rAI is powered by unique data sources that provide a rich, diverse signal to yield the freshest, most comprehensive view of the US Consumer. rAI consumes three types of data:

  • Real-time consumer behavioral data including more than 30 billion daily deterministic, consumer observations;
  • Offline consumer data providing additional understanding of consumer and household demographics; and
  • Resonate’s proprietary ground truth, data from the largest US Consumer Study combined with respondents’ online behaviors.

rAI produces the Resonate Elements data set, more than 14,000 rich, relevant attributes for 230 million consumer profiles. This unparalleled data shows US consumers as they are – unique individuals – complete with the psychographics, intent, preferences, behaviors, media consumption and demographics required for marketers to more effectively engage, convert and retain them as customers. rAI delivers data that explains the “why” behind a person’s decision to buy, choose, advocate or abandon a brand or cause. At Resonate, rAI is the who behind why consumers make the decisions they make.

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“rAI is the pinnacle of predictive neural networks, leaving other data companies in its wake,” said Bryan Gernert, CEO of Resonate. “Our data science and engineering teams have devoted more than a decade to perfecting rAI’s modeling capabilities, ensuring a level of precision unparalleled in the industry. The speed, accuracy and vast scale of Resonate data are simply unmatched.

“Gone are the days when brands and agencies had to settle for outdated, cookie-cutter third-party data from our competitors. rAI delivers data that is rich, relevant and privacy-safe, including the epitome of consumer-decision criteria combined with consumer intent. With this power in their hands, businesses can seize opportunities and drive unprecedented growth.”

Since 2008, Resonate has pioneered new ways to help marketers access, analyze and act on unparalleled consumer data. rAI is the company’s newest milestone and stands alone in its capabilities to provide rich, relevant consumer data in minutes, versus the days (or even weeks and months) required by traditional market research companies and data providers.

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