Propelled by Suite of Generative AI-Powered “Genius” Products, SOCi Adds CoMarketing Cloud Category


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SOCi Inc., the leading comarketing cloud for multi-location enterprises, is revolutionizing the marketing landscape with the dawn of a new era: CoMarketing Clouds, which leverage intelligence and automation to help marketers work more efficiently by delivering personalized recommendations that make campaigns more effective.

SOCi’s comarketing solution—SOCi Genius—not only makes highly intelligent marketing decisions, but also automates laborious tasks at-scale, catapulting campaigns’ efficiencies and empowering marketers with its intellect to make game-changing marketing decisions. With SOCi, marketers now have the tools that deliver personalized recommendations, make intelligent marketing decisions, while simultaneously streamlining the execution of time-consuming tasks, and therefore, unlocking unparalleled efficiency.

“As we embark on this new era at SOCi, we really are on a mission to redefine the relationship that our customers have with marketing software—no longer seeing it as a tool that they use to drive a result, but as an actual partner marketing on their behalf in a highly intelligent way,” said Afif Khoury, co-founder and CEO, SOCi. “By automating data-driven tasks and customer touchpoints across all locations, SOCi Genius allows us to give back thousands of hours of work to an organization and fuel smarter marketing strategies and maximize local returns across search, social, and reputation channels.”

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In The Rise of CoMarketing CloudsAragon Research defines CoMarketing as “a collective of intelligent assistants across key areas of marketing that analyze data, make strategic and tactical recommendations, and automate the process of marketing to buyers across channels, locations, and platforms.” According to Aragon, the CoMarketing Cloud market is expected to grow from $2.7 billion in 2022 to $15.6 billion by 2027, representing a CAGR of 40.8%.

“Legacy marketing offerings tend to be point solutions often addressing only one or two channels, while today’s marketing landscape requires an omnichannel and personalized strategy across multiple levels,” said Jim Lundy, Founder, Aragon Research. “CoMarketing Clouds are more than a marketing tool. They are a partner to marketers, changing the way work gets done and the way enterprises engage with customers across every marketing channel.”

Since securing $120 million in funding earlier this year, SOCi has launched Genius Reviews, the first product available from SOCi Genius which is trained to automatically aggregate and respond to reviews in an authentic and on-brand voice, increasing reputation and brand visibility. With additional tools on the way, SOCi Genius will help brands drive customer engagement and increase ROI by generating authentic, localized social posts, consistently optimizing online listings data, automatically updating local product and service landing pages, deploying highly targeted and engaging local ads, and more. To learn more about how SOCi Genius leverages AI, drives efficiency, automates workflows, and maximizes ROI

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