PhiliaDX Unveils AI-Powered Immersive 3D Content Creation Solutions at CONTENT TOKYO 2023


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PhiliaDX, a pioneering metaverse content development company, announced that it unveiled its cutting-edge immersive 3D content production solution powered by AI technology at CONTENT TOKYO 2023.

Philia DX participated in the K-Metaverse Pavilion, a joint booth supported by the Ministry of Science and ICT of Korea and established under the ‘2023 Metaverse Global Marketing Support Project’ conducted by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA). Philia DX showcased their 3D content production solution to international audiences, and the company representatives conducted several meetings with potential partners from Japan and other countries.

PhiliaDX’s 3D content production solution enables the rapid creation of high-resolution 3D content featuring various subjects, including objects and people. Leveraging cross-polarized shooting with four simultaneous cameras ensures consistent lighting and color accuracy. Furthermore, optimized shooting settings based on the object’s size allow for the creation of high-resolution 3D content across a diverse range of objects.

In a groundbreaking move to surpass the limitations of traditional 3D content production, which often necessitates extensive post-production work on filmed data, PhiliaDX introduced a fully automated AI-based production system. The primary advantage lies in its ability to slash 3D production time and costs by over 90% compared to previous methodologies.

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The debut of PhiliaDX’s solution at CONTENT TOKYO 2023 garnered significant attention from industry buyers, culminating in a pivotal partnership. PhiliaDX entered into a strategic business agreement with SUN AD, a prominent Japanese advertising agency, aimed at jointly developing and supplying 3D content production solutions.

Under this agreement, PhiliaDX anticipates the widespread utilization of its 3D content creation solution across diverse sectors such as architectural design, automotive industry, e-commerce 3D configurators, virtual showrooms, and 3D advertisement production.

Se-an Kwon, CEO of PhiliaDX, expressed, “By integrating AI technology to streamline the entire process of crafting immersive 3D content, we’ve successfully addressed the cost-effectiveness challenges that previously hindered 3D production. Our commitment remains steadfast in collaborating with companies in Japan and other Asian countries, ensuring our solutions cater to various fields that demand seamless 3D content implementation.”

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