Oneflow Deploys The Latest OpenAI’s GPT Turbo To Forge The Future Of Contracts


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Oneflow, a Stockholm-based SaaS company whose product is a contract automation platform, has released a brand new feature called AI Assist. AI Assist uses the latest OpenAI’s GPT3.5 Turbo model to generate content for a contract, speeding up the contract creation process.

With AI Assist, Oneflow’s aim is to enhance the future of contracts. It’s democratizing the contract process by giving anyone the ability to create a contract in seconds with powerful and persuasive language.

“Using AI Assist has sped up my work. I use it for inspiration when writing specific clauses as it helps me draft up compelling contracts and sections,” said Olivia Aman, Head of Legal at Oneflow.

The AI Assist feature in Oneflow allows for contract generation that can suit a wide variety of use cases. A user has to simply declare what kind of contract they’d like in the prompt, and it will be generated with a click. Then they can make edits and corrections as they see fit to get to a final draft.

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According to a 2022 report from World Commerce and Contracting, 60% of executives said that contract automation is a priority. Oneflow is a contract automation platform that automates contracts from creation, and signing, all the way through to archiving and storing.

Writing a contract has been one of the more time-consuming aspects of the contract process, according to Olivia, but automating that process has been a boon to her productivity.

“Drafting a contract and structuring the subclauses can take hours. But since we’ve started using AI Assist, we’ve been able to create more contracts with more sound language faster than ever.”

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