Nexx360 platform offers UK publishers ad revenue, user experience and sustainability advantages


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French start-up, Nexx360, has launched in the UK to provide publishers with a wide range of benefits. Its server-side approach to programmatic advertising technology helps publishers to increase revenues, enhance users’ browsing experiences and reduce their carbon footprint in a platform-neutral and easily operated environment.

The Nexx360 Programmatic Cloud enables publishers to connect with multiple adtech partners (supply side platforms, or SSPs) using cloud-based, server-side bidding solutions. It contrasts with traditional client-side exchanges where bid request activity takes place in the browser of the end device which uses significant bandwidth (processing power); the client-side approach slows down website performance (thereby compromising user experience) because publishers need an increasingly diverse roster of programmatic partners to get the best price for their inventory and maximise revenue.

Nexx360’s cloud technology uses minimum bandwidth for server-side transactions. Publishers can therefore integrate as many supply side platform (SSP) partners as they want to increase competition for their inventory and maximise revenue without slowing page load speeds; a variety of available partners with different attributes also allows each campaign to be optimised based on its specific objectives.

At the same time, the solution enables publishers to reduce the number of global requests with a ‘bid throttling’ (or ‘traffic shaping’) feature. This algorithm classifies advertising requests according to their relevance, retaining only those with the potential to generate revenue, resulting in less waste in the inventory offered to monetisation partners. This functionality (available at no extra cost to publishers using the platform) reduces carbon emissions and helps publishers to meet their sustainability objectives.

The Nexx360 Programmatic Cloud has been designed as a ‘no code’ plug-and-play tool that is easy for customers to use without extensive technical support (it is straightforward to enable or disable partners to facilitate A/B testing for example). New features are frequently introduced; based on Nexx360’s ongoing development programme as well as bespoke customer requests, these are available for all users. The platform is compatible with all ad formats (banners, mobile, TV, audio, and video), with Google Ad Manager and other ad servers), and in all environments (web, in-app, DOOH, and CTV).

Nexx360 is agnostic, ensuring there is no conflict of interest, SSP preference, or over-reliance on major technology providers. Total transparency is enabled via an in-depth dashboard showing real-time data for all critical metrics required for true control such as bid rate, bid win rate and the reduction in bids due to throttling; results can be filtered by SSP, country, browser, etc.

Nexx360 prepares publishers for a future without third-party cookies by helping them to leverage their first-party data and take advantage of emerging alternatives to cookie-based tracking such as contextual and ID-based targeting. The platform uses European cloud solutions to ensure European Union (EU) regulatory compliance and the protection of user data.

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André Baden Semper, CEO and co-founder at Nexx360, says: “Today’s programmatic marketplace is increasingly challenging for publishers who need to balance revenue generation while delivering a good experience for people using their websites. At the same time there is growing pressure to reduce carbon emissions related to digital advertising. Developing cloud-based technology enables us to offer a solution that is efficient, flexible and transparent; publishers already using the platform are seeing strong results including fast page downloads and increased SSP revenue.”

CTO and co-founder Gabriel Chicoye adds: “Header bidding was introduced to increase efficiency for publishers and help them sell their inventory at the best price. But as its scale grew, the number of SSP partners required to achieve the required results had a major impact on website speeds with knock-on effects such as low user satisfaction. We have worked to develop a server-side alternative that maintains all the benefits of a competitive marketplace but moves bidding operations to the cloud to combat the negative issues associated with latency.”

Nexx360 was founded in 2020 by publishing specialist Baden Semper and technical expert Chicoye, who combined their experience and expertise to resolve a growing problem for publishers. Following two years of extensive research and development, the company launched its offering in France in 2022, and is now used by major French publishers including Prisma and M6 Publicité. Its European growth strategy has seen it launch successfully in Germany and Italy, as well as the UK; in line with its 2024 expansion plans, it is also seeing its first customers in the US.

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