Launches AI AD Network for Its Event Tech Platform Map DCEO to Demo Ad Network


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Nextech3D.AI, a Generative AI-Powered 3D model supplier for Amazon, P&G, Kohls and other major e-commerce retailers announces the launch of its “Boost Program” for AI digital ads, in its mobile app for trade show and event organizers. The Map D platform already supports approximately 500+ events annually, with over 50,000 exhibitors and over 1 million+ attendees. With the new in-app AI ad network being marketed to existing customers, the Company now has the potential to generate $10-$20 million in additional annual revenue with 80% margins up from the $1 million the platform currently generates. The Company is already in the market and having early success, with multiple shows already signed up for the AI ad network. The Company expects to see substantial growth and additional revenue starting in Q1, 2024.

Evan Gappelberg, CEO commented, “This AI ad network has the potential to disrupt the $50 billion events industry by offering a first of its kind marketing platform built for exhibitors, driving more booth traffic and sales at the actual event itself.” He continued, “We have been seeing great enthusiasm and early success, and we are building this with a Facebook (Meta), LinkedIn ad network business model which has tremendous upside potential, especially when you offer within the same app our augmented reality wayfinding from our partnership with ARway”.

Major Benefits

Increased Traffic: Drive more visitors to booths

  • +45% increase booth traffic from attendees using the Map D app
  • 3x more inquiries and demo requests from in-app engagement

Enhanced Visibility: Making Brands Unmissable

  • 70% of Map D app users recall featured exhibitor brands
  • 2.5x higher brand recognition compared to non-featured exhibitors

Targeted Exposure: Reaching Ideal Customers Seamlessly

  • 80% match rate between in-app users’ interests and targeted exhibitor promotions
  • +55% increase on engagement rate on tailored in-app placements and notifications

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Key Features of the Map D Boost Program:

Self-Serve Portal (Coming Soon): A user-friendly portal is in development, empowering exhibitors to purchase Boost banners independently. Expected completion by mid-January.

Cost-Effective: Starting at $250 per banner/day at a show, participants gain entry to the program, securing a Boost banner within the mobile app to boost visibility and increase booth traffic.

Future Developments: Ongoing efforts are dedicated to introducing additional features that will allow exhibitors to further invest in higher-tier ads from $250-$2500. envisions the Map D Boost Program as a game-changer, fostering a dynamic environment where exhibitors can maximize their presence and show managers can effortlessly enhance the overall event experience. With an eye on the future, is committed to evolving the program continuously, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness in the ever-changing landscape of event technology.

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