Newgen Announces Gen AI for the Enterprise


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In a move to redefine customer interactions, Newgen today announced the integration of Gen AI, into its product lineup. Newgen Software introduced NewgenONE Marvin a Gen AI-powered enhancement to its end-to-end automation platform, NewgenONE. This innovative solution is set to transform the way organizations create applications, automate customer journeys, and engage with customers.

NewgenONE Marvin is an all-in-one Gen AI solution for automating customer journeys, managing digital content, real-time customer engagement, efficient business insights, and fast, unified results. NewgenONE Marvin exemplifies Newgen’s dedication to advancing the frontiers of digital innovation, ensuring that AI becomes pervasive across all products, and delivering accessibility and efficacy to enterprises of all sizes.

Key Features of NewgenONE Marvin:

  • Faster and Smarter Application Development: NewgenONE Marvin leverages Newgen’s experience of over three decades in deep-domain business applications to create a comprehensive base application model instantly. With Marvin, the low code platform for developing unique, innovative, and customer-friendly applications has just become even faster and smarter.
  • Leverage Insights and Visualizations for even Better Optimization: NewgenONE Marvin is a layer above the process automation engine and can generate visual charts instantly. It helps unlock the transformative potential of real-time process data reporting and the remarkable impact on compliance initiatives.
  • Next-level Content Automation:  NewgenONE is equipped with robust content automation capabilities that provide comprehensive control over the entire lifecycle of all incoming organizational content. It efficiently automates information and insights processing and employs a substantial AI component in the process. This gets even better with Marvin as it automates metadata extraction and classification of any kind of document with a single click.
  • Even Smarter Content Intelligence: Marvin can summarize a long document for teams and individuals alike, instantly every time. From banks and insurers to government agencies, supply chain organizations, and enterprises of all sizes, the need for swift document processing is universal, driving growth, profitability, and regulatory adherence. With Marvin, real-time document processing is now a reality.
  • Effective Marketing Communication for Enterprises: Marvin can help create an effective message by selecting a tone and pitch of choice. Newgen’s enterprise-scale customer communication management offers control and alignment to the marketing and customer service strategy. It can help create and leverage templates to roll out tailored communication across enterprises.
  • Scalable, Compliant, Secure, and Adaptable: NewgenONE Marvin is designed to grow businesses. Its scalability ensures that it remains a valuable asset for an evolving organization.

Virender Jeet, CEO of Newgen, said, “Enterprises today demand more than just solutions; they seek a competitive edge. NewgenONE Marvin isn’t just a tool; it’s the cornerstone of market savvy. It’s the bridge to real-time adaptability, unparalleled customer engagement, and strategic innovation driven by agility. With Marvin, you’re not just keeping pace with the market; you’re setting the pace. It’s a result of our unwavering commitment to provide organizations with the most advanced and adaptable solutions to thrive in an increasingly digital world.”

Anand Raman, EVP & COO of NSI, said, “In 2024, GenAI is poised to revolutionize customer journeys, creating personalized, efficient, and unforgettable experiences. Across the United States, businesses are gearing up to invest approximately 67% more in Gen AI technology that promises to drive economic growth by enhancing automation, decision-making, and personalization. The introduction of NewgenONE Marvin is set to transform how we handle complex process data, converting it into intuitive visualizations and boosting process efficiency. It is expected to cut information retrieval time from documents by up to 50% and reduce overall process design time by a remarkable 70%.”

Varun Goswami, Product Head at Newgen, said, “We’re excited to introduce NewgenONE Marvin, a powerful tool that turns complicated data into easy-to-understand visualization. GenAI technology holds the potential to boost economic growth through the enhancement of automation, decision-making, and personalization, resulting in increased process efficiency. It is expected to cut information retrieval time from documents by up to 50% and reduce overall process design time by a remarkable 70%.”

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Key Highlights:
NewgenONE Marvin can:

  • Accelerate application development
  • Reduce the idea-to-execution cycle
  • Improve information retrieval
  • Facilitate faster decision-making
  • Strengthen customer relationships with personalized content
  • Enhance and personalize communications customized to individual needs and preferences
  • Get faster response to market changes
  • Create and translate content into multiple languages for effective global communication
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