New Product Launch Gives Evolve Customers Unprecedented ‘Vision’


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Leading provider of Managed Network Solutions and IT Services, Evolve, can today announce the launch of its latest ground-breaking product; Vision.

Living up to its name, Evolve Vision will give businesses complete visibility of all their third-party suppliers in a single, easy-to-use portal, so connection problems can be detected before they impact business operations.

The dashboard, which has been designed with usability in mind, allows customers to view the status of on or off-site suppliers, such as payment solutions, gift cards and epos system. This means all connections to data centers and every connected device can be monitored 24/7/365. In fact, Vision is updated every 30 seconds, so any way issues can be spotted, reported and resolved, often before the customer, supplier or end user are even aware of it.

Furthermore, because downtime is so costly and time-consuming for businesses, Evolve customers using Vision will save time and money, as it allows faults to be identified as they occur, minimizing the time it takes to resolve them.

This level of visibility is unrivalled in the industry.

Alan Stephenson-Brown, CEO at Evolve Business Group, said: “While traditional managed service providers (MSP) will use different third-party solutions that they resell, we have created our own Host and LAN monitoring solution in-house. The Vision platform essentially gives users ‘x-ray’ vision of their entire network. 

“Through Vision, the Evolve team can diagnose which stage of the journey is at fault and get the relevant support teams working on it immediately. What’s more, with more CCTV cameras and other connected security devices now on sites, Vision is a great way to ensure staff are always safe and protected. This reduces the amount of calls to fix the fault and much faster problem resolutions. And because it’s all created in-house, we can design bespoke solutions and dashboards for customers in our specialized sectors where other MSP’s can’t. 

“Vision has been made possible because third-party businesses trust Evolve to put their devices into the third-party data center. This would never happen in many other businesses and is testament to the third-party relationships created by Evolve over the years.”

Vision is highly customizable, and can be tailored to each customers needs. For example, outage thresholds alerts can be specified; so if 20% of devices are offline, an automatic alert would be sent out. The platform also covers third party host monitoring, which gives an overview of any issues within the network between data centers and third party applications.

This launch is the latest extension of Evolve’s current offering and made possible thanks to Evolve’s SD-WAN Mako Networks-powered device.

It’s a particularly relevant product for the fuel forecourt industry, one of Evolve’s key sectors, in light of the upcoming fuel margin legislation, which will force fuel retailers to reveal how much they are charging customers on their forecourts. Inaccurate reporting could see them face a fixed fine, but Vision will ensure uptime of POS and tank monitoring systems, which are essential to pull through accurate data.

Jason Kubasak, CEO of Mako Networks, commented: “The launch of Evolve’s host monitoring platform, Vision, marks the next phase of our partnership and provides businesses with unrivalled visibility of their third-party suppliers. We’re proud that Mako’s feature-rich, security-centric devices are powering this evolution in Managed Network Solutions and we look forward to seeing how our partnership continues to grow and provide increased loyalty, streamlined operations and revenue for customers.”

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