NetBase Quid Introduces Capabilities that Leverage Generative AI to Offer Customer Insights and Facilitate Predictive Decision-making


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NetBase Quid®, a global leader in AI-powered consumer and market intelligence, has introduced capabilities that leverage Generative AI to offer customer insights and facilitate predictive decision-making. By analyzing real-time data from online sources, tracking brand health, and identifying trends, these features provide our customers with valuable context to inform strategic planning.

“This update goes beyond being just another feature rollout. It’s a major step forward in delivering near real-time data-driven insights, perspectives and consumer context through our platform, empowering customers to make smarter and more informed decisions,” said Peter Caswell, CEO at NetBase Quid. “Our unified and amplified capabilities, driven by the power of generative AI, capture and meticulously analyze billions of data points for our customers through our industry-leading applications and data delivery interfaces.”

Key product highlights this quarter include:

  • Boosting Productivity and Unleashing Creativity with AI Search: ChatGPT has been integrated into every part of the product suite to enhance productivity while automating repetitive tasks so industry professionals can focus on more creative work. AI Search gives users full control to review and amend everything the tool generates including keywords and search terms. Users can customize the generated content according to their unique requirements with comprehensive control and visibility.
  • Maximizing Brand Insights with Social Listening in Rival IQ: Customers can now unlock a wealth of information by leveraging Rival IQ’s social listening capabilities. Companies can measure crucial metrics on everything from sentiment to post volume to the number of authors posting to comprehensively understand the conversations surrounding your brand.
  • Monitoring Millions of Channels at Once with Rival IQ at Scale: Brands can now monitor millions of social channels at once and compare their social performance on owned channels against thousands of companies, competitors, and billions of social posts. Users can create customizable reports, receive real-time alerts, and actionable insights to inform business decisions.
  • Compelling Storytelling with Intuitive Visualizations: The new Presentation Mode delivers clear, intuitive visualizations for compelling presentations, executive storytelling, and faster decision-making. The streamlined design provides the ability to create reports that draw focus to the insights and data trends that matter most.
  • Labeling and Segmenting Themes with Quid’s “Tag Groups”: “Tags” are a powerful way to label and segment your data. This update includes improved tag functionality, allowing users to rename, add/remove, and resize tag panels for a more customized workspace.

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  • Democratizing Enterprise Data and Insights with Intelligence Connector: Intelligence Connector is a flexible and powerful solution that processes and consolidates large amounts of unstructured data to provide real-time, data-driven insights. By continuously tracking and prioritizing known trends, brands can act before their competitors by predicting what will happen next with these trends. This capability is equally valuable to prioritize and optimize potential engagement and/or mitigate potential trending risks.
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