mParticle Announces Warehouse Sync To Improve Time To Data Value


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mParticle, an AI-powered Customer Data Platform, today introduced new capabilities to scale the way teams execute their first-party data strategy, empowering companies choosing cloud data warehouses as a central component of their data fabric. With Warehouse Sync, data teams can easily unify their customer data pipelines, establish a continuous 360° customer view, and achieve best in class, real-time targeting capabilities without needing to prepare data or maintain multiple products.

By leveraging Warehouse Sync, the cloud data warehouse serves as a rich source of customer data while the CDP enriches the data in transit with AI-assisted insights and seamless activation across its ecosystem of 300+ API integrations in real-time and suite of industry-leading audience targeting capabilities. mParticle is the only end to end solution that helps teams protect data quality, privacy and compliance, and enrich customer context through powerful predictive insights that transform raw data to deliver personalized, adaptive experiences.

With this unique best of breed approach, data from the data warehouse can be unified with natively collected data sources such as mobile and connected TV app data to deliver real-time customer journeys across channels and partners. This approach combines the simplicity of reverse-ETL with the power of a real-time CDP, helping companies connect with their customers in the moments that matter.

“We are thrilled to leverage the power of mParticle to enhance our data strategy and drive exceptional customer experiences that sustainably fuel our growth,” said Jacqueline Supman, Director of Product Management at Tatcha. “Warehouse Sync enables us to optimize the value of our data team’s investments in Snowflake and seamlessly align them with our marketing objectives.”

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Warehouse Sync empowers data consumers throughout the organization to autonomously activate data, while accelerating time to value without the excess overhead. Going beyond stand alone reverse-ETL, Warehouse Sync offers powerful functionality that is configurable and integrated:

  • Efficiently sync warehouse data to hundreds of downstream marketing tools with no additional configuration or management for more scalable workflows.
  • Native identity resolution ensures you have full control and confidence that synchronized data is accurately attributed to the right user and avoid embarrassing targeting errors.
  • Integrated data quality, privacy, and governance capabilities ensures teams can confidently activate their data and reduce costly mistakes and data reconciliation exercises.
  • A full suite of insights from descriptive to predictive analytics enrich customer context, improving ROI and customer lifetime value.

“Teams shouldn’t have to choose between investing in a cloud data warehouse and utilizing best in class data activation capabilities,” said Michael Katz, CEO and co-founder of mParticle. “We are incredibly excited to launch Warehouse Sync to help our customers turn their data into valuable insights, and then easily connect those insights into action.”

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