Messagepoint Announces AI-generated Content for Customer Communications


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Messagepoint Inc announced today the availability of AI-powered content generation to support the optimization of customer communications. Leveraging OpenAI’s ChatGPT and GPT-4, this new release augments Messagepoint’s AI engine, MARCIE (Messagepoint Advanced Rationalization and Content Intelligence Engine), to enhance its Assisted Authoring capabilities by providing content rewrite suggestions that align communications with desired reading levels, sentiment and length. The enhanced AI-powered Assisted Authoring is governed by enterprise-grade controls that safely make it faster and easier for marketing and servicing teams to optimize content with recommended changes, while still retaining complete control over the outgoing message.

Carrying on Messagepoint’s culture of innovation, we are proud to be the first to offer generative AI within the CCM space,” said Steve Biancaniello, founder and CEO of Messagepoint. “We recognize that the important and sensitive nature of these customer communications means content generation must be carefully managed and controlled. Our team of AI experts has implemented carefully designed controls and prompts to harness ChatGPT and GPT-4 for enterprise-grade applications, while ultimately leaving the final decision up to the humans in charge.”

Enterprises operating in regulated industries typically have large libraries of complex customer communications full of industry jargon, legalese and other content that can be challenging for the consumer population to understand. With more than half the American public reading below the sixth grade level, organizations are waking up to the need to improve the readability of their communications. Ensuring content is written clearly, that it communicates the desired sentiment, and is optimized for the delivery channel is something enterprises aspire to do, but often do not have the capacity to execute.

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Messagepoint’s existing Assisted Authoring capability leverages MARCIE to immediately detect the reading level, sentiment and brand alignment of text. This is evaluated and available at both the content object level for an individual communication and via a dashboard that looks across the corpus of communications. The integration with ChatGPT and GPT-4 makes it possible to offer rewritten content that aligns with organizational standards. Messagepoint users can also receive recommendations for content adjusted to meet a specified length while preserving its intended meaning, accelerating the reuse, migration and re-platforming of content. This is especially important for digital channels like SMS or mobile apps, which customers increasingly prefer and require shorter form communication.

Messagepoint’s Assisted Authoring capabilities are available as part of its SaaS-based intelligent content hub, which is used by leading financial services, insurance, healthcare and service organizations to create and manage highly personalized customer communications for print and digital channels. Messagepoint is recognized as a pioneer in AI for CCM, having launched its AI platform, MARCIE, in 2019. MARCIE performs advanced content operations in the form of the AI-Assisted Authoring in Messagepoint and in Rationalizer, the company’s solution that accelerates the migration of content from legacy systems and formats to modern environments. AI-generated content will be available in both Messagepoint and Rationalizer to accelerate content optimization and creation processes.

While Messagepoint has initially selected integration with ChatGPT and GPT-4 to add generative AI capabilities to its platform, the organization plans to continue to evaluate other large language model solutions to extend additional options for its clients.

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