Meeranda, the Human-Like AI, Officially Launches its Global Operations


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Meeranda, a privately held Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions provider, serving both Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Global Multinational Corporations (MNCs), announced today its emergence onto the global stage, with the promise to disrupt the worldwide customer experience through its cutting-edge AI technology and research advancements.

Meeranda aims to address a problem that has long frustrated global organizations and their clients; chatbots along with their half-baked AI solutions. A recent IPSOS1 survey revealed that 77% of customers find chatbots frustrating and 88% prefer speaking to a live agent. Another survey, conducted by Clutch2, revealed that 69% of customers encountered irrelevant phone options and 70% pressed “0” to speak with a live agent. Forrester Consulting3, on the other hand, revealed that 30% abandon a brand following a poor chatbot experience and 73% cancel their orders altogether.

Meeranda aims to also address the issue with startups having the tendency to hire too early and larger organizations hiring too many customer support, sales, and marketing staff. Moreover, Meeranda works to tackle the quality issues encountered with outsourcing as well.

“We are not talking about a small problem here,” said Mr. Raji Wahidy, Co-Founder and CEO of Meeranda. “The numbers are quite telling. We have over 69% levels of customer dissatisfaction. Chatbots are clearly frustrating many people out there due to the lack of concrete and relevant responses returned. Moreover, people despise waiting on-hold for a long time, to speak with a live agent. We have heard that directly from our partners, whom we have presented Meeranda to. They love the potential. They love the personalized experience through our Human-Like AI. Most importantly, they love the fact that we are addressing their pain points, saving them unnecessary costs, helping them market and sell their products and services, and to cap it off, increasing their customers’ satisfaction. There is a reason why Meeranda, although in its early stages, has secured existing agreements and strategic partnerships across six countries and seven industries, thus far.”

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The Meeranda team is made up of entrepreneurs and senior level executives with a successful track record in innovation and business operations, boasting over 70 years of combined international experience. The team has deep expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Driven Modeling. The Meeranda team also has over 20 global awards and recognition from public, private, and government institutions; including the United Nations, the Canadian and the United States’ governments.

“The recent strides in AI advancement have paved the way for enhanced customer experiences,” said Mr. Jayson Ng, Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer of Meeranda. “We are on a mission to foster inclusive customer engagement across diverse cultural landscapes. We envision the adaptability to businesses’ unique requirements, which will not only bolster their brand representation, but also cater to a wide array of needs and use cases. During Meeranda’s development, significant breakthroughs have been achieved, including the creation of real-time Human-Like AI agents with remarkably natural speech patterns.”

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