MASV Announces ‘Send from Amazon S3’ To Accelerate Cloud Video Production


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Today, MASV, a fast, large-file transfer solution for video professionals, announced ‘Send from Amazon S3,’ revolutionizing media delivery for in-cloud video production. MASV’s new ‘Send from Amazon S3’ feature enables users to select files from their storage and share them via a MASV link or email. ‘Send from Amazon S3’ combines with MASV’s existing ‘Deliver to Amazon S3’ to enable complete cloud-to-cloud workflows within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem.

MASV ‘Send from Amazon S3’ eliminates the need to download from cloud storage onto a local machine, to later re-upload to transfer. MASV is now offering full integration with Amazon S3 to automatically transfer large files in and out of an Amazon S3 bucket.

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MASV’s AWS integration simplifies and streamlines the workflow process for transferring cloud files to and from external parties, avoiding the need for users to repeatedly log in or grant access permissions to Amazon S3. By reducing the steps involved in the transfer process, video professionals can spend more time on their creative work and increase productivity.

“MASV is dedicated to accelerating cloud video production and delivering the most efficient and effective file transfer for our customers,” stated Greg Wood, CEO of MASV. “With seamless integrations in and out of Amazon S3 storage, we are helping our customers add more cloud and more productivity and time savings to their incredible work.”

MASV’s AWS integration provides video production teams with a faster, more seamless cloud video-production workflow for accessing and sharing content stored in Amazon S3. By linking Amazon S3 with MASV, users can transfer up to 15 TB per individual file. With MASV Portals, make as many Portals as you need, each with its own S3 bucket destination.

“With the Amazon S3 integration and functionality of sending cloud files directly, MASV continues to blow my mind!” said Zeb Chadfield, Founder and Head of Technology at The Finish Line. “Integrations like this help us to build on our automations and streamlined approaches to data management, which is integral to our business. Reducing complexity increases our productivity, and that is what allows us at The Finish Line to always exceed our client’s expectations.”

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“MASV is simple and efficient. With this new integration, we have a reliable MASV-S3 workflow to send and receive content,” said Leroy Nicolas, Media Asset Manager at Jellysmack. “With AWS’ globally accelerated network, MASV has fast file-transfer speeds to quickly get our data from our external clients to our production teams. We are happy that MASV continues to expand integration with Amazon S3.”

MASV’s unparalleled transfer speed ensures reliable and secure performance. Data and files are secure with in-flight and at-rest encryption, and MASV is both TPN and ISO27001 certified. MASV operates on the AWS platform, which implements very strict on-premises and cloud-based security controls.

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