Logitech Sight AI Camera Now Certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms


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Today, Logitech announced that Logitech Sight, the AI-powered, sustainably-built tabletop companion camera with intelligent multi-participant framing, is the first intelligent camera to be certified by Microsoft Teams as a center-of-table camera that works in tandem with the front-of-room video bars and is the first Panoramic Camera to be certified for use with Zoom Rooms.

“This multicamera system acts as if there is a professional cameraman and producer in the room,” said Craig Durr, Senior Analyst, Wainhouse Research. “To capture the tabletop experience, Logitech Sight uses two 4K cameras, computer vision, and onboard AI. Better audio is achieved through seven beamforming mics that can cover medium to large rooms, acting as an additional mic pod. Sight also uses unique Logitech AI noise suppression to locate and capture the active speaker, enhancing their voice above other noises in the room.” Sight’s use of both audio and voice-based AI–RightSight and RightSound– to detect and frame multiple active speakers around the room, then replace framed individuals as the conversation shifts, is designed to create a more equitable experience for remote participants when meeting with their in-office colleagues in hybrid work settings.

Tabletop cameras that work in conjunction with front-of-room cameras are newer to the industry. Sight makes it easy to use hybrid-friendly meeting layout features like Microsoft Teams dynamic view and, in the future, Zoom Smart Gallery. Compatibility with popular platforms also gives IT teams assurance that their smart room technology will continue to meet the evolving needs of their hybrid workforce. By working across platforms, Logitech is continuing its tradition of designing for flexibility and frictionless experiences to benefit both IT and end users.

“There is a growing problem of keeping the same level playing field in meetings when some participants join in person and others are online. With advanced audio-video intelligence built into the product, Logitech Sight ensures that remote participants have a seat at the table. It’s a product that all hybrid workers would want to have as part of their day-to-day meeting experiences,” said Roopam Jain, VP of Research, Information & Communications Technology, Frost & Sullivan.

“We’ve been using Sight for the past couple of months for meetings and customer demos. The experience is fantastic, especially for remote participants. And with upcoming features like Smart Switching, Sight is a game changer for how we do hybrid meetings,” said Ryan Herbst, Chief Strategist at Unified Communications.

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“We know that the AI-driven audio and video features are great, but also recognize that IT leaders are having to outfit increasingly complex room configurations,” said Prakash Arukundrum, Chief Operating Officer, Logitech. “Sight is now shipping to customers who’ve been looking for a solution that not only improves meeting equity, but is easy to set up and now certified with the video calling platforms people use every day.”

Management is simple through Logitech Sync, free software that enables device monitoring, updating, and troubleshooting from a cloud-based interface. Logitech Sight is backward compatible with Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, so IT teams can confidently deploy this new technology with their existing video bars.

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