Litmus Unveils Cutting-Edge Solutions for Email Marketing Success


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Yesterday, from the stage at the 10th annual Litmus Live in Boston, Litmus introduced Litmus Email Guardian and integrated Litmus Personalize functionality and AI-powered content optimization solutions in its platform. These groundbreaking innovations empower users with unprecedented email testing and personalization solutions aimed at supercharging email engagement, fortifying brand trust, and bolstering revenue outcomes.

Tighter resources and heightened economic pressures have compelled marketers to increase the quantity of their email outreach while maintaining quality. Email volume has tripled over the past several years, compounding the time marketers must spend thoroughly testing emails to find and fix costly issues. While email is an important channel for creating positive brand experiences, consumer expectations remain high. A staggering 86% of customers say they would abandon a brand they love after just two poor experiences. Consequently, broken emails and ineffective personalization can lead to lost subscribers and, subsequently, missed revenue.

To stand out in the inbox, brands must personalize key moments across the customer journey and ensure emails result in the best customer experience with comprehensive and ongoing email testing. With Litmus Email Guardian and intuitive, powerful personalization solutions, users can deliver the right message at the right moment, enhancing every customer experience and avoiding broken emails.

“With increased pressure on marketing teams to deliver more high-quality email experiences with fewer resources, personalization and advanced testing have never been more important,” said Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus. “Litmus Email Guardian is the only solution that can give marketers peace of mind their emails are error-free at all times, and our intuitive, integrated personalization makes creating individualized experiences possible for all brands.”

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This release brings innovative new solutions that empower marketers to:

  • Automatically and continuously scan emails across key webmail and desktop email clients to detect unforeseen changes without any manual work. Users can also activate Email Guardian to watch over all automated sends and frequently used email templates since every email update creates significant risk to the subscriber experience.
  • Get notified of changes to emails and fix any issues all within one seamless platform with proactive alertswhen changes have occurred. It’s easy and quick to resolve errors within the Litmus platform, retest emails, and watch for future changes.
  • Boost email engagement and revenue with powerful personalization capabilities, such as countdown timers to showcase urgency for a sale or event, progress bars to promote brand loyalty, personalized images to create one-to-one customer experiences and real-time sentiment trackers.
  • Gain easy access to AI-powered email copy optimization tools, like subject line suggestions and body content tone alternatives, within an intuitive visual email builder.

This product update is the latest milestone in Litmus’ mission to Make Every Send CountTM, following the company’s most recent announcement of Litmus Assistant, an AI-powered solution optimizing email campaigns at scale.

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