Jasper expands to become an end-to-end AI copilot for marketing teams


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Jasper, an early leader in generative AI tools for businesses, announced today that it is expanding its functionality to become an end-to-end AI copilot for better marketing outcomes. The product release comes exactly one year after Jasper’s record-breaking Series A funding and includes new features designed to evolve AI assistance from simply creating content faster to helping marketers perform better. 

More advanced than writing assistants, AI copilots are personalized to each company and securely combine business context and memory with purpose-built skills for better outcomes. With this new launch, the company will be adding analytics and AI insights for better performing content, an intelligence hub to securely tap into brand, strategy and audience information, and campaign acceleration tools for better collaboration and review processes. 

This announcement comes on the heels of the company’s recent appointment of its new CEO, former Dropbox President Timothy Young, as he leads the company through its next stage of growth with a focus on the enterprise. The enterprise business has accelerated to become the company’s fastest growing segment, with the sales team increasing total enterprise ARR by 4x.

Analytics and Insights: For better outcomes in addition to faster outputs 

As part of the release, Jasper announced the addition of analytics and insights to the marketing copilot. Users will be able to see what content is working to drive business goals, get AI recommendations to optimize underperforming content and deploy revisions with the click of a button. 

“The first chapter of AI was all about speed,” said Young, CEO of Jasper. “Marketers certainly want efficiency, but they also want results. By adding analytics and AI insights into Jasper, we hope to help make the next chapter of AI in the enterprise about speed and performance.”  

Jasper analytics will also surface trends in content performance to highlight opportunities and inform future strategy. The combination of performance reporting, pattern recognition, and accelerated revisions brings a clearer picture of ROI for high-volume marketing teams.

“Jasper has long been a cost savings tool,” said Young. “With the addition of performance analytics, it becomes a revenue generating one too.”

Company Intelligence: For content that’s shaped by strategy
The company also added a central hub to securely store institutional knowledge inside Jasper. Expanding on its capacity to train Jasper on your brand voice and style guide, the addition of the company intelligence hub means that companies will be able to connect to data systems or upload positioning and strategy documents so that content generated through Jasper is better informed and more strategic.

In a 2023 study, Jasper found the leading reasons marketers are hesitant to try AI are generic outputs (35%) and inaccuracies (36%). This feature will reduce AI hallucinations with respect to customers’ company information and enable them to put strategy, audience research, competitive positioning and other key stances at the epicenter of all marketing content. Through Jasper’s new X-ray view, users will be able to see exactly where a piece of content strays from the style guide or brand voice. In addition, because this hub can be easily updated, change management as your company’s information and messaging evolves is far simpler and more comprehensive.

Campaign Acceleration: For better coordination and faster review cycles
Finally, with the release Jasper aims to address the common issue of coordination within enterprise marketing teams. Jasper has taken an AI-native approach to getting a team organized around a project or campaign, bringing campaign management tools like assignments, comments, and scheduling directly into the flow of content production. In addition, in the near future these tools will provide AI summaries of feedback and one-click automation of revisions for even faster review cycles. All of this is meant to reduce the administrative lift that external project management tools require and move through revisions in a more productive way.

“Jasper has really helped our marketing team scale digital and social content that build on Morningstar’s independent investing research. It’s not just about faster content and more of it, but about higher audience engagement,” said Steve Bendt, chief marketing officer for Morningstar. “It’s been a game changer for social media, where Jasper has helped us build quality content that’s driving double-digit growth in content downloads.”

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Greater Enterprise Control: For greater security and better brand integrity everywhere 

In addition to having SOC2 compliance and key enterprise control measures, Jasper has expanded its extensibility by moving its API to full availability.  Customers can use the API to pull on-brand, personalized messaging into any of their platforms. “Jasper has also added Spaces to its administrative tools so administrators can have greater control over user permissions, and users can get a clearer, less cluttered view into their work. By having both private and public spaces inside the copilot, teams can work on content, campaigns in a quiet space or collaborate together depending on their needs. “


In November, the extended functionality will begin rolling out in beta to all business tier Jasper customers and will be further enriched in Q1 of 2024.

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