Inuvo Announces the Audience Discovery Portal, A Showcase for its Generative Artificial Intelligence


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Inuvo, Inc., provider of the first generative artificial intelligence (AI) solution made specifically for brands and agencies, today announced the launch of world-wide access to its proprietary language model, IntentKey®, at The Audience Discovery Portal showcases AI-generated, actionable audience insights without using persistent or intrusive consumer tracking and data.

Richard Howe, CEO of Inuvo, commented, “For the first time, we are allowing marketers the ability to search topics of interest and see first-hand a sampling of the information our AI can generate about those audiences. What is remarkable is that there is no consumer or other third-party information or database being called up to generate the results. Our AI provides immediate and actionable insights about a prospective audience for any product, service, or brand, producing better results, in less time, while eliminating traditional resource, data, and modeling expenses.”

Inuvo’s IntentKey® is an interconnected web of concepts: words, ideas, sentiments, places, people, products, demographics, hashtags, TV programs, and URLs. Like other successful language models, such as ChatGPT and Bard, IntentKey® is trained on the text and data from billions of content sources. This capability allows for audience discovery and media activation for a privacy-focused world where browsers will block the use of cookies and consumer data. Additionally, unlike conventional targeting methods, IntentKey® can easily explore any audience(s), generating impactful insights in near real time.

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“Advertising is the perfect use-case for this kind of AI because as identity and cookie-based technologies become increasingly obsolete, so too goes the performance of advertising. An intelligence capable of understanding why an unknown individual is in front of the screen can now effectively interact with that individual through the placement of an advertisement without violating their privacy,” added Mr. Howe.

The rise of generative artificial intelligence has been propelled into the mainstream, with crediting ChatGPT, in large part, for providing an intuitive user interface. Additionally, CNBC notes a novel development: AI models are now capable of producing entirely new information that was previously unknown. This revolutionary progress caught the attention of Sequoia Capital, one of the most successful venture capital firms, which predicts generative AI could potentially produce trillions of dollars in economic value.

“The AI behind the Audience Discovery Portal is the culmination of an entirely new way of looking at marketing – it represents a fresh approach that transcends the paradigms we’ve been locked into, like cookies and structured datasets, for decades,” concluded Mr. Howe.

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