Internet Marketing Association Wraps One of the Largest Artificial Intelligence Conferences in America


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“IMPACT 23: Where AI Meets the Ocean,” hosted by the Internet Marketing Association  Oct. 18-20, 2023 in Newport Beach, Calif., brought together a dynamic and influential assembly of industry innovators, elected officials and AI thought leaders.

Over three immersive days, against the backdrop of a beautiful Pacific coastal setting, attendees delved into cutting-edge AI technologies and their wide-ranging applications in the fields of defense, healthcare, martech, edtech, fintech and other markets.

A consensus was reached that Generative AI and unlocking “intelligence as a service” will be regarded as the largest technological impact to business and society in history, overshadowing the invention of the microchip and the internet. Virtually every aspect of all industries will be impacted, making swift adaptation imperative for business survival.

Furthermore, GenAI will revolutionize the creation, distribution and consumer interaction with advertisements, profoundly influencing business conduct and productivity. Speakers underscored the critical need for swift adaptation and integration of AI, emphasizing that businesses are not competing with GenAI but are, in fact, competing with those who are leveraging AI innovation ahead of them.

At the same time, presenters repeatedly emphasized the importance of long-term ethical considerations in the application of AI. Cybersecurity and public safety experts warned against criminal misuse of GenAI, while also highlighting its potential for positive use in law enforcement and national defense.

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IMPACT 23 speakers, panelists, interviewees and topics encompassed:

  • Mickey Alon, Chief Product/Tech Officer, VidMob: AI in Multi-Industry Use
  • Garth Andrus, President, Cognixia: AI in Multi-Industry Use
  • Errol Arkilic, Chief Innovation Officer, UCI: AI in Multi-Industry Use
  • Greg Ashlock, CEO, iHeartMedia: The Impact of Audio
  • Don Barnes, Sheriff, Orange County Sheriff’s Department: AI for Combating Crime
  • Noah Blom, Mayor, Newport Beach: Public-Private Partnerships
  • Neville Boston, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Reviver: Public-Private Partnerships; Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Victor Cho, CEO, Emovid: AI in Multi-Industry Use
  • Dan Clarke, President, IntraEdge: Why Care about Ethical AI Usage
  • Sean Conrad, Executive Vice President & Partner, Cardone Ventures: 10xing America
  • Chris Duncan, Mayor, San Clemente: Public-Private Partnerships
  • Ilya Evdokimov, Co-Founder/CTO, WiseTREND: AI Workers in a Business Place Today and Tomorrow
  • Rob Florian, National Accounts Manager, Winspire Experience Agency: Evolution of Event Experience & How People Build Relationships
  • Hector Garcia, Founder & Brand Guardian, MBN Creative Inc: AI in Creative
  • Ted Heisler, Vice President, Ware Malcomb: Return to Office and Workflow Innovations
  • Jin Hyung Lee, Founder & Chairman, LVIS: AI in Multi-Industry Use
  • Sara Jackson, Chancellor, Pepperdine University: Cultivating Graduates of Exemplary Character
  • Livi Kerszenbaum, Senior Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, Orange County United Way: Purpose Moment
  • Afif Khoury, CEO, SOCi: AI in Multi-Industry Use
  • Josh Kreitzer, Founder & CEO, Channel Bankers: Best Ideas & Takeaways for the Future of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing; Ecommerce, AI & Supply Chain Innovations
  • Kashual Kurapati, Senior Vice President, SalesForce: AI in Multi-Industry Use
  • Olivier Lemaignen, President, HPO Coach: Return to Office and Workflow Innovations
  • David Latona, President & CEO, Tompkins Solutions: Ecommerce, AI & Supply Chain Innovations
  • Palmer Luckey, Founder, Anduril Industries: Global Geopolitical Trends
  • Joe Megibow, CEO, Bright Cellars: Ecommerce, AI & Supply Chain Innovations
  • Tom Peck, Vice President, Sysco: Ecommerce, AI & Supply Chain Innovations
  • Blake Resnik, Founder & CEO, BRINC Drones: Technology and Public Safety
  • Chris Robertson, Financial Planner, Peak Financial Group: Economic Forecast and FinTech
  • Ryan Steelberg, President & CEO, Veritone: AI Innovations, Writer’s Strike, and AI Industries Going into 2024
  • MC Sungaila, Partner, Complex Appellate Litigation Group: Public-Private Partnerships
  • Jay Symonds, Head of Home & Sporting Goods Advertising, Amazon: Ecommerce, AI & Supply Chain Innovations
  • Will Tober, Senior Vice President, Hughes Marino: Return to Office and Workflow Innovations
  • Frederick Vallaeys, Co-founding CEO, Optmyzr: AI for Marketing
  • Jeff Volpe, President, ViewSonic: Return to Office and Workflow Innovations
  • Zachary Zaharek, Associate General Counsel, Virgin Galactic: Public-Private Partnerships

In addition, IMA recognized an impressive cohort of individuals, companies and products at the forefront of transformation in their respective industries. These achievements earned a range of honors in the annual IMA IMPACT Awards.

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