IntelePeer Delivers Generative AI Solutions to its Customers


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IntelePeer, a leading AI-powered communications automation platform provider, announces the delivery of generative AI solutions to its customers. With a total value worth more than $2.3M in revenue for IntelePeer, the deals are anticipated to generate millions of dollars in savings for these companies stemming from reductions in human resources, IT and operational expenditures.

“This has been an exciting year for IntelePeer as we lead the communications automation marketplace and grow our AI practice to capitalize upon the powers of generative AI,” commented IntelePeer CEO Frank Fawzi. “IntelePeer is delivering game-changing solutions to our customers, with the vast majority seeing in-quarter return on their investments. Additionally, our solutions enable businesses to fill the talent gap in their contact centers which reduces the cost of labor while providing a better customer experience through AI and automation. As we look to 2024, we’re positive this momentum will continue.”

The customers span industries from healthcare to transportation and education and includes a contact center provider. Details are as follows:

  • An educational software company: IntelePeer is developing a dynamic, self-serve FAQ that will be powered by generative AI and is implementing an automated alphanumeric password reset solution. The customer’s goal is to reduce its need to hire thousands of seasonal employees for fall and spring semesters, saving approximately $20 million in overhead costs.
  • A contact center catering to the on-demand transportation industry: Handling more than 70K calls per week, the contact center is looking to use generative AI to automate the fare estimate, booking, and payment process, while offering customers self-serve FAQ capabilities. By harnessing IntelePeer’s communications automation platform and Managed Solutions, the company aims to take its call containment rates to 80% and anticipates more than $1.3M savings in labor and operational costs.
  • A logistics and trucking company: Providing final mile delivery solutions, this customer is using IntelePeer’s generative AI solutions to automate delivery and pick-up scheduling, tracking of delivery status, rerouting of shipments, and the processing of loss claims. The company will also integrate IntelePeer’s solution with its proprietary shipping software to provide real-time freight analytics to its customers. As the project grows, the company is expected to scale the solution to work with its international freight shipping division. IntelePeer’s solution is estimated to provide the customer with hundreds of thousands in labor cost savings.
  • A dental support organization: Supporting more than 120 offices around the country, this company is looking to improve the patient appointment process as well as in-office experience. IntelePeer is using generative AI to automate the company’s scheduling process and is developing an interactive FAQ that can respond to patient questions regarding symptoms and dental needs. In addition to lowering cancelled appointments and no-shows by 30%, the customer’s goal is to increase call containment rates up to 75% while reducing overhead costs by approximately $1.5 million annually.

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IntelePeer’s communications automation platform leverages world-class generative AI enabling users to build communications-enabled workflows that integrate seamlessly with existing processes. At the heart of the platform is the AI Hub. The AI Hub is a one-stop-shop for IntelePeer engineers, CX experts, and partners, allowing them to quickly ingest customer data, test and deploy AI-driven solutions for customers. The AI Hub helps the rapid building and deployment of bots to handle both inbound and outbound interactions, fulfilling specific business needs. Key features include:

  • Omnichannel bot building and testing functionality,
  • secure and private customer data and information ingesting capabilities,
  • an AI modeling and testing environment,
  • integration with IntelePeer SmartFlows a low-code platform for building communications and AI workflows,
  • security and compliance frameworks, and
  • performance monitoring capabilities.
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