InMoment and Bright Expand Partnership to Elevate the Customer Experience With AI-Powered Upskilling


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InMoment, the leading provider of Experience Improvement solutions, today announced that it has deepened its partnership with Bright, an award-winning, immersive learning platform, and has developed a fully integrated, AI-powered upskilling application to expand employees’ abilities, improve coaching, and decrease skill gaps. The offering provides a new way for large enterprises to elevate the employee journey, leading to a better overall customer experience (CX).

The integrated Bright and InMoment solution takes real-time InMoment data from the enterprise’s operations—such as handle times, error rates, NPS, or customer survey scoresto identify each associate’s strengths and weaknesses. Bright then automates a personalized, monthly upskilling path tailored to learners’ development opportunities. The upskilling includes AI-powered simulations, during which learners are rated and coached as they speak, make decisions, and use simulated systems, making the practice and coaching experience realistic and relevant to the employee’s goals.

“When companies talk about adaptive learning, they usually mean adjusting a learner’s future courses based on prior quiz results,” said Rob Wright, CEO of Bright. “This is useful to a point, but it’s limited to the courses and quizzes in the company’s library, and it emphasizes content review over true practice and skill building. What we’re doing now with InMoment is in a whole different category of personalization and automation.”

“As a longtime player in the Customer Experience Management space, we love the way this offering supports our vision of enabling an integrated CX approach by leveraging CX through EX,” said EVP of AI Products at InMoment, Jeff Catlin. “Employees practice the exact conversations that we’ve identified are negatively impacting the customer journey. The fact that Bright and InMoment can automate this process means we are making it easier to lift the customer journey, one employee and one skillset at a time.”

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Over the last several years, Bright has leveraged InMoment’s best-of-breed natural language processing (NLP) and AI stack to change how organizations and health systems train their associates. Bright’s approach to conversation, chat, and software simulations, powered by the InMoment AI engine, has helped reduce training costs and ramp times up to 50% for customer and patient experience roles. This expanded partnership builds on that success and sets the foundation to bring the companies’ combined offerings to their collective customer bases.

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