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Exasol Espresso, the world’s fastest, most versatile query engine that plugs right into existing data stacks, today integrated with self-service analytics provider Veezoo. The integration enables customers to simply ask questions in natural language to query their database, and immediately get trusted answers from billions of rows of data. Veezoo’s AI feature offers smart suggestions for follow-up questions to guide data exploration, transforming data analysis into an engaging, interactive experience.

Powered by Exasol’s in-memory columnar database, Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) architecture and auto-tuning capabilities, Espresso serves as a business intelligence (BI) accelerator, turbocharging even the most complex queries while reducing costs. Exasol Espresso sits seamlessly as a consumption layer between the data lake or warehouse and any BI frontend, such as Tableau, MicroStrategy or Power BI, to transform BI into better insights, faster than anything else on the market.

“Self-service analytics needs a high-performance database to deliver insights in real-time,” said João Pedro Monteiro, Co-Founder & CTO of Veezoo. “Slow response times for queries will lead to a lag in receiving critical insights business users rely on for timely decisions. The integration of Exasol Espresso with Veezoo is a major milestone for bringing generative AI to organizations and enabling them to truly become data-driven.”

Exasol Espresso customers harness the full potential of their data by extracting value through faster, cheaper, and deeper insights. In The Data Management Survey 24, an annual survey conducted by BARC (Business Application Research Center), Exasol received a perfect 10 out of 10 score for performance with 95% of surveyed users rating Exasol’s performance as excellent or good. Customers participating in the BARC study stated Exasol offers “the best price-to-performance ratio” and “significantly fewer administrators needed to operate” with “fewer experts needed to set up the application.”

“Espresso addresses what larger enterprises are currently struggling with – scaling data costs and managing complexities,” said Jörg Tewes, CEO of Exasol. “Most organizations are faced with the challenge of high total cost of ownership. Whether you’re evaluating ways to leverage AI or looking to reduce costs while increasing performance, we see large enterprises in need of a solution that fits seamlessly into existing data stacks and starts generating value immediately.”

Espresso customers like Uno-X have already seen these immediate and meaningful business critical benefits. “Previously, our BI team struggled with sluggish response times, with queries taking over 20 minutes as they competed with ERP system resources,” said Rene Francis Lares, Information Technology System Manager at Uno-X. “After introducing Exasol Espresso as our acceleration layer, query response times have been slashed to less than 10 seconds. This has delivered significant benefits by empowering more business users to access data and make smarter data-driven decisions. Exasol Espresso has proven to be incredibly valuable for us.”

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Beyond the natural language querying, Espresso comes with a native connector to Data Virtuality Pipes which allows users to extract, transform, and load data from all their existing data sources into Exasol. With REST API connectors to more than 200 platforms and web services, as well as pre-built data schemas, users can easily create and automate data replication jobs for frequent updates without any line of code, eliminating the need for manual data retrieval – a common source of errors and inefficiency.

One Espresso customer benefiting from this integration is WashTec, a car wash technology provider. “We know the future of business lies in the smart use of data. WashTec is doing everything it can to bring more intelligence into the car washing process and deliver efficient and sustainable business operations,” said Diana Grand, Data Analyst at WashTec. “Using Exasol Espresso along with Data Virtuality for data integration, WashTec is able to accelerate the analysis of real-time sensor data to drive efficiencies in the use of precious water resources and deliver reliable and enhanced customer experiences.”

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