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Pimloc, a leading AI video privacy and analytics company, has today announced the launch of its CloudConnect feature to address the growing need for advanced redaction solutions in the enterprise video capture and analysis market. The feature enables enterprises and partners that are using the Secure Redact APIs and SaaS product to connect their private cloud storage solutions directly to the service for automated bulk upload, video anonymisation and download of large-scale image and video files for compliance and responsible video analytics. 

Enterprises of all sizes and across various industry verticals are realising the power of intelligent video analytics. The market is expected to reach $20.80 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 22.7% from 2020 to 2027. With this, the amount of video data collected is continuing to skyrocket. As required by data privacy regulations such as GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California, all personally identifiable information (PII) captured must remain private and secure. At the same time, growing consumer awareness and mistrust of surveillance and AI is putting companies under increasing pressure to handle personal data in a responsible manner.

Pimloc developed CloudConnect to support the increased video data privacy and security needs of large-scale enterprises and businesses with high-volume video requirements. CloudConnect enables Secure Redact users to connect their private cloud solutions to Pimloc’s industry-leading SaaS video redaction solution, allowing the automatic upload and redaction of multiple videos that can also be shared with team members for editing and review. 

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This new addition offers a simplified user experience and makes blurring PII in large video data sets manageable; the time required for data anonymisation is significantly reduced from days to minutes, and collaboration and efficiency are boosted. It’s further democratising video privacy for all businesses on the planet.

As the latest addition to Secure Redact, CloudConnect is one of several other additional innovations that give users greater control within the app, making editing faster and easier. These include 100% full-resolution video preview capabilities, options to automatically track new objects to redact and to select the type of anonymisation (blurring) that is required.

Simon Randall, CEO at Pimloc, said: “Intelligent video systems promise a new era of business efficiency and better decision-making through advanced analytics and real-time insights. But as the aggregated data from video continues to grow, so does the incredibly time-consuming and complex task of protecting it. Organisations need a trusted partner to help unlock the value of video while also managing data privacy and security responsibly. 

“CloudConnect is our response to several of our customer segments. Particularly within healthcare, automotive and TV production, where many are looking for a solution that works seamlessly on large-scale video. Being able to accurately anonymise video data at scale is mission critical in video-heavy industries that have hundreds of thousands of hours of video footage. ” he added.


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