Dialpad Introduces Custom Ai Playbooks, Transforming the Sales and Customer Service Experience with Instant Insights


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Dialpad, Inc. – the industry-leading Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform –today announced the release of Custom Ai Playbooks, a tool that provides real-time coaching and adherence guidance to sales and customer service teams during and after customer calls. Leveraging over five billion minutes of proprietary data, Custom Ai Playbooks uses Dialpad’s real-time speech recognition and generative AI to drive team efficiency, improve productivity, and ensure sales teams adhere to best practices that drive key KPIs. The release of Custom Ai Playbooks is part of Dialpad’s 12 months of Ai initiative, the company’s monthly series of Ai-powered product launches.

Amid the AI boom and the simultaneous economic downturn, organisations of all sizes seek to leverage the power of AI to improve topline revenue. Custom Ai Playbooks support revenue growth by providing a clear framework and real-time guidance to follow during sales and customer service calls. Using Dialpad’s generative Ai model, Playbooks capture agent and customer responses on each call, track agent adherence to specific questions and behaviours, and offer post-call analytics to help managers drive smart business decisions and pinpoint coaching opportunities.

“Custom Ai Playbooks for industry-specific LLMs is the future of tangible Ai,” said Dan O’Connell, Chief Ai & Strategy Officer at Dialpad. “It’s Dialpad’s version of an Ai Copilot, a conversational interface built specifically to support users with rapid decision-making. With tailored recommendations, leaders can curate sales, customer service, and recruiting processes specific to their company and customer needs. The democratisation of AI has been a goal of Dialpad’s since its inception, and Custom Ai Playbooks marks a new milestone in making AI accessible for all.”

Key benefits of Custom Ai Playbooks:

  • Saves time for sales managers and supervisors with a consistent methodology for reps to track and train in real time, allowing managers, supervisors and coaches to focus their time elsewhere. Custom Ai Playbooks enable managers to more effectively identify the specific skills that agents need to uplevel to meet or exceed KPIs.
  • Decreases agent ramp-up time and reduces coaching challenges with an easy to follow, standardised methodology and consistent expectations on live calls.
  • Identifies new sales coaching opportunities to pinpoint the agents and reps who need help, and the specific parts of the prescribed methodology where they are struggling. Custom Ai Playbooks is a guide for one-on-ones to drive more effective conversations between managers and their staff. 
  • Increases sales rep and agent efficiency while offering tailored questions for each sales stage using proven sales methodologies to enhance their ability to boost the customer pipeline and drive more deals. Custom Ai Playbooks allows users to facilitate better outcomes and achieve higher KPIs by adhering to proven sales methodologies.
  • Enables organisations to cater to the unique needs of their business by providing the ability to customise Playbook templates and create new methodologies that align to key KPIs. 

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Custom Ai Playbooks is Dialpad’s seventh Ai product that is part of Dialpad’s 12 Months of Ai product series. Each month, Dialpad releases a new Ai-powered capability to drive innovation and transform the way businesses support, activate, and connect employees from anywhere in the world, all in one platform. Since announcing the initiative in April, Dialpad continues to drive momentum with record-high ARR growth, a $50M investment in research and development in AI, and the rollout of new AI products including Ai RecapAi ScorecardsAi PlaybooksAi Coaching HubPII Redaction, and more profoundly, DialpadGPT, the first generative AI built for the enterprise. Dialpad has received continued third-party recognition earning #25 on the Forbes Cloud 100 and a spot on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list in 2023. Dialpad is at the forefront of AI (ASR, NLP, semantic search, generative) with a combination of product experts, academics, (17 Ph.Ds), and engineers committed to delivering innovative AI capabilities. 

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