Cordial Begins Unveiling Its AI Roadmap to Transform the Future of Marketing


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Cordial, the only true marketing platform that empowers brands to fully automate their marketing strategies, announces the foundational phase of Cordial AI, a new set of tools providing marketers with generative, predictive and prescriptive artificial intelligence capabilities. Cordial’s announcement marks the start of a series of groundbreaking AI innovations, each designed to drive outcomes and efficiencies for marketers.

Harnessing the power of Cordial AI means brands can automate routine tasks and capitalize on AI-driven insights for sharper and more strategic decision-making. The true magic lies in its capability to anticipate customer behavior and enable rapid content and campaign creation while providing actionable next steps in real-time.

With Cordial AI, marketers can execute strategies faster, anticipate their customers’ every move and make more adaptive, better-informed decisions. New Cordial AI features include:

  • Generative: Speed up the production process and fuel creativity with AI-generated subject lines and content across channels. Customize content tone and length with the click of a button for endless options.
  • Predictive: Optimize user experiences via machine learning-based behavioral predictions and customer propensity. Cordial AI identifies preferred channels, predicts buying habits and recommends products, enabling brands to mitigate churn and build audiences.
  • Prescriptive: AI-driven insights surface next-best actions for customers, highlight missed opportunities in campaign strategies and suggest messaging experiments to improve marketing effectiveness.

“AI is a platform shift and will revolutionize every aspect of our world, including marketing,” said Matt Howland, chief product and engineering officer at Cordial. “This release is only the beginning. As we progress along our robust AI roadmap, we aim to empower marketers with a better understanding of their customers and the tools to adapt and deliver true personalized 1:1 marketing journeys with great scale and efficiency.”

Powering Cordial AI is the company’s rich, flexible data platform. Architected for endless flexibility, Cordial empowers brands to unify and transform data from any source. And unlike a “one size fits all” approach, Cordial AI adapts to fit unique use cases and model tuning, ensuring personalized intelligence via zero- and first-party data.

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Through its powerful data solution and advanced AI capabilities, Cordial helps brands achieve greater marketing efficiency by focusing on doing more with less. Brands can fully automate their marketing strategies in a single platform and deliver high-conversion, multi-channel messages, driving customer engagement and revenue growth.

Cordial’s advanced AI analyzes customer behavior, preferences and attributes in real-time, enabling the technology to continuously evolve with business needs. Users can unlock new opportunities across channels, as Cordial AI helps build audiences, anticipate and mitigate churn and spark creative content, predict customer behavior and identify messaging opportunities across email, SMS and mobile. With Cordial’s AI-driven platform at the heart of brand strategy, marketers can deftly command millions of user interactions.

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