Bluecore Launches Identity Network for Enterprise Retailers


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Bluecore, a retail shopper identification and customer movement technology, today announced the launch of their Transparent ID Network. With more than 900 million email addresses and 10 billion daily events, Bluecore adds immediate revenue acceleration and long-term growth opportunities for enterprise retailers using first-party shopper data captured across top publishers and brand partners all connected to billions of consumer interactions.

Increasing identification rate is critical for retailers operating in a challenging economic environment. Every moment of engagement with a consumer offers opportunities for data capture, personalization to convert on key moments of intent, and re-messaging to create valuable movement in lapsed customers.

As retailers increase their focus on improving identification rates, Bluecore’s Transparent ID Network offers unique scale and capabilities for:

  • Increasing identification rate within 24 hours of implementation
  • Identifying anonymous digital shoppers
  • Understanding the performance of all traffic including paid, organic and Transparent ID Network identified
  • Develop insights to improve conversion of incremental audiences

“Within 24 hours of launching Bluecore’s Transparent ID Network we saw a 22% lift in our ID rate and we continue to make improvements. Our products are high-consideration and the boost to identification is putting us in a position to engage in the best way possible for each individual customer so that we can meet our growth targets,” said Julia Metaxis, VP of Growth at Lulu and Georgia. “Bluecore’s technology coupled with the guidance we receive from their people – who have spent actual time at retailers – gives us the ability to make short-term gains without sacrificing building long-term customer value.”

Bluecore captures identity in real-time through digital channels through its patented technology. Now with the Transparent ID Network, Bluecore customers can increase shopper identification of new to website shoppers with significant speed. With greater identification rates, enterprise retailers can increase marketing reach and revenue generation.

Bluecore’s Transparent ID Network delivers a welcome solution to the difficult market forces working against retailers including increasing search prices, high traffic, low conversion and changes in consumer purchasing patterns and confidence. Bluecore’s network is built to reflect the modern customer experience and can identify and re-identify consumers as they shift devices and sessions so that retailers do not miss a single opportunity to engage and personalize. Bluecore differs from co-op based networks by providing retailers with the ability to receive identification data without having to share proprietary information about their customers with other retail brands. The Transparent ID Network is Soc I and Soc II compliant to meet the security needs of enterprise retailers and Bluecore’s Transparent ID reporting provides deep incrementality reporting to demonstrate where incremental reach translates into incremental revenue.

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“The retailers in the best position to perform right now are those tapping into data and automation that generates incremental reach and counteracts rising acquisition costs and changing consumer shopping behavior. This is the foundation of creating durable incremental revenue regardless of market conditions,” said Fayez Mohamood, CEO of Bluecore. “Every CMO and CDO in retail should know what their identification rate is and we’re proud to put this intelligence in the hands of all of our enterprise retail customers alongside the technology to improve it and services to guide performance.”

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