bitHuman Introduces Game-Changing Interactive AI Platform for Enterprise Customers


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Imagine full-size service agents appearing on any screen providing you with instant information. That’s what bitHuman, a generative AI platform is doing: literally bringing a sci-fi future to today‘s business scenarios. As the sophisticated, engineering-driven company emerges from stealth, it is delivering the most advanced, customizable, and lifelike agents for the enterprise.

Focusing on creating comprehensive advanced AI solutions through multi-modality interaction (i.e., via chat, text, voice) bitHuman’s technology powers real-time photo-realistic human-like AI solutions for businesses in hospitality, fashion, retail, healthcare, and more. 

“We are developing interactive AI that can address the needs of any particular business, demonstrating swift problem solving and, critically, incorporating a delightful human touch,” said Steve Gu, bitHuman CEO and co-founder. “The next frontier of generative AI is interactive AI, and making interactive AI in real-time work to solve business problems.” 

“The technology is moving extremely fast as we work to create a generative human that is essentially an AI-powered person,” said bitHuman co-founder and Chief Scientist, Dr. Raymond Fu, Northeastern University COE distinguished professor of AI. “With real-time interactive AI, the connection between the user and agent will be deeper, more emotional, engaging and fun.” 

bitHuman aims to create unparalleled fidelity and scalability in Human AI, with serious AI technology at its core. bitHuman’s team of accomplished engineers and former executives are from Meta, Microsoft, Amazon and Google:

  • The CEO is Steve Gu, a serial entrepreneur who worked at Apple and Google X, and co-founded AiFi, leading its growth to become one of the world’s renowned autonomous store enablers. Gu holds more than 40 patents, was named one of the 50 top CEOs in AI, and won NVIDIA’s inception award for the best enterprise startup in 2018.
  • bitHuman’s Chief Scientist, Raymond Fu, is a widely-cited AI researcher, successful serial entrepreneur and distinguished professor at Northeastern University. 
  • Efe Akengin is a serial entrepreneur and math genius from MIT who won two gold medals in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) and is leading product development. 
  • Nabil Mansouri is a former CEO of a retail/e-commerce enterprise overseeing more than 50 retail shops. He is running bitHuman’s revenue operations. 
  • Antonio Marcato is a former creative director at Meta, in charge of bitHuman’s creatives and UX design.

Collectively the bitHuman team has more than 100 patents, 500 publications in the field of AI, has generated tens of millions of revenue in the past, and won numerous international awards in AI research, business innovation, and design.

The Business of bitHuman

“We are living in the future as human-AI interaction makes its way into business everyday,” said Gu. “The extraordinary technology that bitHuman is developing allows our interactive characters to mimic human intelligence. It can interact with people and be applied to many domains. It is ultimately high-level human intelligence, performed by machine.”

The use cases for bitHuman’s interactive agents are as diverse as the business world. 

“Imagine having a personal shopping assistant in a retail store, or an HR associate available all day to support your employees as they onboard,” said Efe Akengin, bitHuman co-founder and head of product. “Our generative humans can learn and adapt to the needs of our partners as they work hard to provide the best experience to their customers.”

bitHuman Interactive Platform Agents

bitHuman’s interactive AI platform comprises three different AI Service Agent products: Neo, a universally useful service AI agent trained on a company’s data, business and brand; One, a multi-disciplinary AI wellness agent trained as a meditation coach; and Eon, an interactive digital reflection of yourself, customized to incorporate a user’s likeness, voice and gestures. 

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Several deployments are already underway featuring Neo customer operations agents, including a retail and concierge-type application at Panorama Tower, the tallest skyscraper and luxury condo in Miami. 

“The ability to provide a personalized high-quality interaction at the Panorama Tower, where it was not possible before, has not only driven revenue growth but has also significantly enhanced the overall satisfaction of their customers,” said Nabil Mansouri, head of revenue operations.

bitHuman is currently hiring senior researchers and engineers in generative AI. The company will showcase its solutions at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Show in New York City, Jan. 14-16, 2024.

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