Balto Introduces Beacon, New Era of Agent Empowerment With Crowd-Sourced Call Recommendations


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Balto, the leader in empowering agents with AI for better conversations, has launched the latest real-time capability to benefit agents with crowd-sourced and tested real-time recommendations: Beacon.

Beacon is the latest innovation to capitalize on top agent’s expertise and the inherent knowledge all agents have in providing the best possible conversation experience. By crowd-sourcing suggestions from real calls, Beacon prevents playbooks from becoming stale by introducing new, tested, top-performing content. Managers and supervisors gain insight into the habits and behaviors that differentiate top agents and quickly scale them to the rest of the pack.

“Beacon is groundbreaking for the contact center industry and Balto’s customers. It identifies what your top performers are doing and automatically recommends winning tactics to all of your agents… without you having to do a thing. For the first time in history, sales and customer service teams can effortlessly source and disseminate best practices from their top performers. No one else in the industry is doing this, and we’re excited to keep growing our capabilities.” – Marc Bernstein, Founder & CEO of Balto

Decentralizing best practices in conversations

Beacon leverages Balto’s existing real-time recommendation and playbook system to generate new observations for agents to use while on calls. Beacon works in three steps:

  1. Observe – Beacon examines enormous amounts of data and creates observations. Managers can view and interact with these observations (e.g., add never-before-used content to a playbook).

  2. Experiment – Behind the scenes, Beacon performs various experiments to validate if observations would positively impact your playbooks.

  3. Take Action – Once an observation has passed through experimentation, it becomes an action: a clear recommendation that managers can take with 1-click.

“Have you ever thought, ‘I wish a software could just tell me what to do differently?’ With the release of Beacon, Balto is elevating the agent role to go beyond one-off customer interactions empowering every agent to make an impact on the entire company. You can explore Beacon’s observations to find those ‘golden nuggets’ or wait for Beacon to serve you its best recommendations.” – Kyle Jones, Vice President of Product

Beacon is available to all Balto customers as part of the suite of Balto Real-Time Guidance products.

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