Avochato Unveils SMS Compliance Hub for A2P 10DLC Registration


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Avochato, a leading provider of advanced messaging software, has announced a new feature to help organizations easily manage SMS compliance for A2P (Application-to-Person) 10DLC (10-Digit Long Code) phone numbers. This latest offering is designed to alleviate the burdens of navigating complex compliance regulations in accordance with CTIA best practices, allowing businesses to focus on customer engagement.

Facilitating Compliance Excellence

SMS compliance, particularly regarding A2P 10DLC, has become a complex landscape for businesses to navigate. Avochato’s A2P Compliance Hub brings a new level of simplicity and reliability, allowing organizations to easily register their brands and verify their campaigns.

“Maintaining compliance shouldn’t be a barrier to effective customer engagement. Avochato’s newest release ensures businesses can seamlessly register their brands to communicate with their end users confidently and compliantly,” said Alex De Simone, CEO of Avochato.

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Ensuring SMS Deliverability

The integration not only focuses on compliance, but also aims to elevate the quality, reliability, and deliverability of A2P 10DLC messaging, giving businesses the tools they need to communicate with their audiences effectively and responsibly.

  • Feature Highlights

  1. Simple Forms: Organizations can easily register brands and campaigns directly within the Avochato platform, which provides guided steps in each form submission.
  2. Improved Deliverability: Higher throughput and deliverability rates can be achieved when organizations successfully create their brand and campaign registrations with A2P.
  3. Comprehensive Reporting: The Compliance Hub gives businesses a real-time view into the status of their submissions, and whether changes need to be made to registration.
  4. Transparent Fees: Avochato’s reporting allows customers to see exactly what pass-through carrier fees are associated with A2P.
  5. Instant Updates: As carrier guidelines evolve, the integrated platform will automatically update compliance requirements, ensuring businesses remain in adherence.
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