Audyence Launches Industry’s First B2B Programmatic Platform Offering Real-Time Demand for Lead Generation


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Audyence officially announced today that it launched its Real-Time Demand Platform–RTD–the B2B advertising industry’s first programmatic platform allowing marketers to purchase based on acquisition, not impressions or clicks.

Created by senior marketing technology executives and leveraging machine learning, Audyence RTD analyzes more than 17.5 billion firmographic, behavioral and technographic data points, providing publishers, advertisers and agencies a means of reducing the operational and capital expenditures associated with planning, purchasing, selling and executing demand generation campaigns.

“The global B2B lead-generation industry is already a $21-billion market growing over 15 percent per year; but it’s still too dependent on manually managing campaigns and a troubling lack of transparency,” explained Audyence Co-founder and CEO Karl Van Buren, previously a senior executive at B2B marketing services organizations, including Madison Logic and Spiceworks Ziff Davis. “That’s where Audyence RTD comes in. To buy leads before our solution, marketers had to work with five or six or more brokers, negotiate with each separately by email or phone call and then manually manage those separate campaigns. We’re automating that entire process from end to end for as many publishers as they want to work with through our marketplace, reducing agency labor costs by 20X.”

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Over 80% of today’s media purchased on a cost-per-impression or cost-per-click basis is purchased, activated and managed programmatically. However, when advertisers buy on a cost-per-acquisition or cost-per-lead basis, they only work directly with each publisher or through a lead broker or aggregator. In sharp contrast, Audyence’s platform allows advertisers to use deterministic data to holistically plan, purchase, track and optimize cost-per-lead campaigns across all their publisher partners. It eliminates manually repetitive tasks and improves both speed-to-market and mid-campaign agility.

Audyence RTD has quickly gained traction in its first full month in beta from agencies and advertisers, spanning finance, services, enterprise software, healthcare and insurance industries. Early adopters piloting RTD have seen their costs per lead fall by 47%, on average, and their campaigns have gotten to market 95% faster than through traditional content syndication and lead generation providers, according to Audyence Co-founder and President Roland Deal, formerly a senior executive at Merkle B2B, Ogilvy and Grey. With a 100% post-beta renewal rate, Audyence already projects a seven-figure annual run rate.

“We chose to fund Audyence because of the established credibility of its founders and the complementarity of their backgrounds,” said Mike Baker, an early investor who founded DataXu (acquired by Roku). “Roland has been leading some of the world’s largest and most prominent B2B marketing agencies, and Karl was global vice president of sales and partnerships for one of the industry’s leading suppliers. Having over 35 years of combined experience in the field and having advised many of the world’s largest brands, including AT&T, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, and BlackRock, Audyence’s founders are uniquely qualified to build and bring to market a product bold and sophisticated enough to dominate this industry. The early traction of their product proves it.”

In an industry where legacy lead generation tactics–cold calling, direct mailings and unfocused ad campaigns—are no longer sufficient, Audyence offers a stark alternative. Audyence’s RTD platform uses precision targeting backed by robust analytics to achieve higher conversion rates and superior quality leads. In breaking through the barriers of subscription-based models, Audyence RTD introduces a business model that does not require an initial fee to use the platform.

Audyence is poised to serve the vast majority of B2B companies and agencies, which are continuously searching for enhanced lead generation strategies and demand management tools. By harnessing Audyence’s state-of-the-art programmatic approach, businesses can realize improved operational transparency, more effective campaign management, increased conversion rates and optimum ROI.

“In addition to demands for greater to-market velocity and in-market agility, CMOs are demanding better costs, more control and more brand safety measures than the current market provides them,” explained Deal. “Audyence RTD has the potential to change the current industry model in the content syndication arena immediately, bringing advertisers, agencies and publishers better results at higher returns with greater velocity. Our ambitions are big, and we’re just getting started.”

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