Audacy Announces Veritone Attribute To Deliver Enhanced Campaign Metrics To Its Advertisers


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Veritone, Inc. (NASDAQ: VERI), creator of aiWARE™, and a leader in enterprise AI software and services, today announced that Audacy, a leading multi-platform audio content and entertainment company, is now leveraging Veritone Attribute. An existing user of Veritone’s AI applications, Audacy expands its usage with Veritone Attribute to improve and enhance data and analytics reporting for advertising customers.

Through the addition of Veritone Attribute, Audacy will supplement their ability to prove the efficacy of broadcast ad campaigns by sharing directional insights with advertisers as to how their campaigns are performing over a cross-section of Audacy’s portfolio of radio brands. With these insights, advertisers will be better able to evaluate campaign performance on Audacy stations in comparison to other mediums. Research has shown that advertisers who receive attribution reporting spend more year-over-year and cancel their ad campaigns less often on average than those who don’t measure performance.

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“As we aim to best serve our clients, Veritone Attribute will further enable us to optimize advertisers’ campaigns and maximize their ad dollars,” said Brian Benedik, Chief Revenue Officer, Audacy. “There has never been a better time to leverage the power of audio to tap consumers, and this technology will complement our existing capabilities.”

Veritone Attribute helps advertisers determine the correlation between broadcast ad exposure and website traffic and delivers insights that allow advertisers to optimize campaigns by creative, daypart, day of week and station to enhance the results of those campaigns. Additionally, through integration with existing Veritone aiWARE applications, Audacy can measure actions that listeners take after exposure to in-content mentions and brand integrations, including those from sponsorships, billboards, live mentions, promotional commercials and more.

“We’re excited to extend our relationship with Audacy and to help them continue to deliver best-in-class measurement and optimization to their advertisers through Veritone Attribute,” shared Drew Hilles, senior vice president, Veritone. “By continuing to deliver essential insights on ad performance and optimization, Audacy is able to empower their current customers with valuable data and engage new ones by showcasing the effectiveness of campaigns across their portfolio of stations.”


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