Announcing Suite of Intelligent Store Solutions, SmartCow and Centific to enable Hyper Automation and Immersive Experiences


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SmartCow, the leading provider of Edge AI hardware, and Centific, experts in retail SaaS solutions, are excited to announce a significant strategic partnership. Leveraging their unique strengths, the two companies are set to revolutionize the retail industry with the launch of an integrated retail SaaS solution that seamlessly combines Centific’s software with SmartCow’s high-performance hardware.

Known for their specialization in building software-defined hardware, SmartCow is the Edge AI hardware provider within the Centific ecosystem for this solution. Their compact and high-performance NVIDIA® Jetson™ embedded system – Uranus, is the backbone of this partnership, enabling intelligence at the edge to deliver unrivaled AI processing capabilities.

“Uranus, our edge AI embedded system designed around the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX, delivers remarkable computational prowess, reaching up to 21 TOPS. This allows for the concurrent operation of multiple neural networks and the processing of diverse high-resolution image/video data,” explains Ravi, CEO of SmartCow. “A testament to engineering innovation, Uranus stands as a lightweight yet robust all-in-one solution, offering computational flexibility, and optional onboard storage/4G/Wi-Fi capabilities. With its compact design finely tuned for high-level AI and ML applications, Uranus aligns seamlessly with Pitaya.AI for a ready-to-market deployment. This end-to-end solution is set to propel the retail industry into a new era of technological advancement.”

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“The Time is Now: As AI becomes more ubiquitous, enterprises have a unique opportunity to unlock a profound impact to their revenue, profitability, customer, and employee experiences,” said Jagadish Garimella, Business Unit Head, Centific. “We created Pitaya.AI, which leverages the robust capabilities of SmartCow and Centific and several other outstanding partnerships to transform the shopping experience, enhance associate productivity, and markedly reduce losses due to shrinkage”

The unveiling of Pitaya.AI, a groundbreaking solution brought to life through the melding of Centific’s software expertise and SmartCow’s robust edge AI hardware. Fully integrated with Uranus, Microsoft Azure Cloud solutions, and OpenAI, and designed to operate on the NVIDIA stack, Pitaya.AI is poised to usher in a new era for the retail ifndustry. By enabling retailers to extract unprecedented value from in-store video and image data, Pitaya.AI offers the potential for discovery of business-critical insights, further enhancing their operational capabilities.

Both SmartCow and Centific are eager to witness the transformative impact of their integrated solution on the retail sector. The partnership is a testament to their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, promising a brighter and more technologically advanced future for retailers worldwide.

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