AdTheorent Partners with Jounce Media to Verify Removal of Made for Advertising (MFA) Properties from Its Campaigns


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AdTheorent Holding Company, Inc. , a machine-learning pioneer and industry leader using privacy-forward solutions to deliver measurable value for programmatic advertisers, today announced that it has partnered with Jounce Media, an industry leader in programmatic supply chain management, to ensure that AdTheorent’s campaigns remain MFA-free, unless affirmatively elected by an advertiser.  AdTheorent leverages Jounce’s MFA-detection technology and data, as well as proprietary machine learning models and processes, to ensure that MFA publishers are excluded from all campaigns. AdTheorent’s proactive exclusion of MFA publishers reflects the company’s commitment to providing advertisers with access to only the highest quality inventory.

According to the Association of National Advertisers Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study, the open web programmatic market represents $88B in spend and of this total market, advertising on MFA sites accounts for $10B.  MFA sites are designed to drive clicks, irrespective of actual business value for advertisers, and AdTheorent believes the prevalence of MFA properties undermines the effectiveness of open web programmatic advertising.  AdTheorent has removed MFA properties from its campaigns, ensuring that media dollars are allocated to high quality inventory, as verified by leading third-party, Jounce.

“Made For Advertising publishers flood the programmatic advertising supply chain with ad products that achieve attractive vanity metrics, misleading media buying teams into thinking their media spend is successful, while doing nothing to drive actual business outcomes for the advertisers,” said Chris Kane, President, Jounce Media. “AdTheorent’s decision to block MFA by default protects advertisers from low quality impressions and demonstrates the company’s commitment to being responsible stewards of programmatic advertising investments.”

In addition to blocking MFA by default, AdTheorent uses a proactive and holistic approach to protect advertisers from various forms of low-quality digital inventory, driving performance, cost savings and scale for advertisers. Key elements of AdTheorent’s inventory quality and supply path optimization approach include:

  • Hand-Vetted Platform-Wide Approved List
    • While many in the industry have a platform exclusion list, AdTheorent has a highly curated approved publisher list and ads are served only to properties on this list. AdTheorent’s platform-wide approved list is manually reviewed and updated regularly. AdTheorent prioritizes high-quality inventory over click-bait, focusing on delivering measurable advertiser value, not vanity ad tech metrics.
  • Machine Learning Anti-Fraud and Viewability Models
    • AdTheorent utilizes ML models in advanced ways to filter waste and fraud. AdTheorent deploys across all of its inventory machine learning anti-fraud and viewability models.  AdTheorent’s real-time anti-fraud infrastructure detects fraud before the impression is served.  Additionally, AdTheorent partners with several leading third-party inventory monitoring solutions, including  DoubleVerify’s Pre-Bid Filtering and Post-Bid Monitoring and IAB’s Bots & Spiders Block List.
  • Cost-Saving Measures
    • AdTheorent employs a robust supply path optimization strategy that includes throttling-away from impressions with a high volume of resellers in the transaction and optimizing against so-called “cheap reach” properties and “multi-hop” resold inventory. This ensures that AdTheorent is not paying for non-added value fees in the supply chain and that AdTheorent’s ads are served in premium, above-the-fold environments.
    • AdTheorent utilizes ML-based price and performance optimizers designed to identify data signals that correlate with performance and ensure that advertisers do not overpay for inventory.  Insights derived from AdTheorent’s suite of optimizers are used to inform bidding and bid pricing decisions for the entire campaign.

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“We have been proud to work with Chris Kane and the team at Jounce to verify the MFA-free nature of our campaigns,” said Jim Lawson, CEO of AdTheorent.  “Our avoidance of MFA is one of the various measures that we have operationalized in our Platform to ensure that AdTheorent advertiser partners enjoy highly successful campaigns free from waste and inefficiency.”

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