Act-On integrates direct mail as channel in its omnichannel marketing automation


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Act-On Software, a provider of enterprise marketing automation solutions, is expanding its omnichannel marketing capability to include direct mail, enabling marketers to reach customers and prospects across both physical and digital channels.

Act-On already enables marketers to reach prospects through various digital channels, including email, web, social, and SMS. Users can access these channels—now including direct mail—fully integrated within Act-On’s automated programs (APs).

As part of Act-On’s expanded webhooks capabilities, Act-On users are now able to work with third-party vendors to execute direct mail from an AP, adding offline physical engagement to marketing efforts.

“Act-On’s vision is always to help marketers reach prospects where they are, in the most efficient way possible,” CEO Kate Johnson said. “This integration is yet another avenue for marketers to reach prospects and customers to build pipeline and customer satisfaction.”

Direct mail creates new opportunities to prospect, strengthen customer relationships, and streamline marketing efforts. Brands that lead in personalization improve customer loyalty 1.5x more effectively than brands with poor personalization (Deloitte). And Forbes research shows “83% of executives feel unimproved CX presents them with considerable revenue and market share risks.”

Here are a few proven tactics to deepen engagement with prospects, customers and employees:

  • Include a custom, hand-written card to new customers or clients, renewing customers, or anyone else through IgnitePost, to include unique, personal touch with high impact.
  • As the holiday season approaches, integrate direct mail into your marketing automation solution as an efficient way to send personalized holiday greetings, cards, or gifts to customers, clients or employees.
  • Send a gift or reward to a prospect as an incentive for taking a meeting, creating another channel toward sales opportunities and pipeline through third-party vendors such as
  • Mail company logo merchandise or other goodies to a customer as an onboarding gift or for participating in a company program, showing appreciation and creating loyalty through third-party vendors such as Sendoso.
  • Initiate sending company materials and equipment to new employees or clients, removing a manual step.
  • Trigger a loyalty-focused automated program to send a post-renewal thank-you gift to build positive brand experiences with customers.

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Incorporating direct mail, such as handwritten mail by IgnitePost, into your marketing strategy can be a game-changer for businesses. A genuine, custom note, written with ballpoint pen in your custom handwriting style, has resulted in an extraordinary 99% open rate among recipients.

“We are thrilled that IgnitePOST’s handwritten mail platform is now an integral part of Act-On’s expanded marketing automation,” IgnitePOST CEO Arian Radmand said. “The ability to seamlessly integrate real pen and ink handwritten notes alongside email, social, and SMS creates a powerful distinction. This feature empowers Act-On customers to connect with their audience in a profound manner, and orchestrate perfectly timed moments that not only strengthen relationships, but also propel users into action.”

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