88% of US marketers feel confident about Google’s cookie deprecation


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88% of US marketers feel prepared for the cookieless future, states a new study from PrimeAudience, the first company dedicated to utilising Chrome’s Protected Audience API and Topics API. As cookie deprecation begins for 1% of users, 56% of marketers in the US are already testing alternative tools. 

PrimeAudience, in collaboration with independent research company Censuswide, surveyed 251 US marketers in Q4 2023 to understand how far along they are in preparation for the deprecation of third-party cookies, including the tools and data being used to achieve results. Respondents were optimistic, with 92% confident about the future, despite delayed preparations.

Feeling positive

Preparations are well underway in the US, leaving marketers hopeful. All but 5% of respondents have commenced their research or testing ahead of the deprecation of cookies. Almost a quarter (24%) have already done some tests and implemented what they need. A further 32% are doing some early tests and 18% are eager to do some early tests but don’t know where to start. 

Looking to the future

There are still barriers to the adoption of certain solutions which could make the process easier for marketers. According to respondents they ‘don’t know how’ to use Protected Audience API (also known as FLEDGE) most (30%), with Contextual Targeting second (28%), and Clean Rooms third (24%). 

Despite this, when asked which cookieless solutions they plan to use in 2024, US marketers put Protected Audiences API  on top, (68%) followed by Google Topics API (65%), surpassing Universal IDs which was last (54%). No US marketers said they were unsure which solutions to use.

The next steps

According to marketers, now is the time to operate with clearer supply chains (54%), and AI (53%), as well as to utilise the strengths of first-party data, both online (50%) and offline (45%). Working with effective technology partners was also listed as a key requirement for 45% of respondents.

“While it is promising to see US marketers feel confident about their preparation for the cookieless world, there is a desire to continue to put effective solutions in place. The start of the cookie deprecation process from Chrome may be the right time to do just that” Mateusz Rumiński, PrimeAudience VP of Product said. “There is, however, a great need for further education, especially around emerging APIs such as Protected Audience. At PrimeAudience we believe that new advertising technologies in combination with generative AI and optimal use of first-party data can lead to a thriving advertising ecosystem.”

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This data was collected by Censuswide between 8th November 2023 and 17th November 2023, following a survey of 251 US marketers, in addition to 256 senior brand marketers in the UK,  who answered questions around their plans ahead of the deprecation of third-party cookies, including the tools being used and the quality of data being utilised.

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