Leveraging AI and Customer Journey Orchestration to Boost Customer Experience and Marketing Automation


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With customers expecting a seamless and dynamic experience with the brand, businesses must utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and customer journey orchestration (CJO) to boost customer experience, marketing automation efforts, and better digital experiences.

Marketing tech stacks house on marketing automation. Therefore, customer journey orchestration allows businesses to combine numerous marketing technology systems and platforms. Here are a few ways AI and CJO take marketing automation and customer experiences to the next level.

Ways to Optimize Marketing Automation with CJO and AI

  • Platform Integrations

Marketers must innovatively combine numerous platforms to upgrade a legit multi-channel customer journey approach. The core aspect of CJO tools is integration, which is straightforward in most processes; however, there can be unexpected challenges.

Marketers must utilize an iterative approach to establish an omnichannel strategy, one platform and system integration at a time. This process effectively facilitates a successful initial integration allowing internal teams to adapt to the process quickly and produce meaningful results in the long term.

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  • Data and Team Integrations

Platform integrations need unified data sources. Therefore, marketers must ensure they reach the right customer on their platform of choice. At the same time, marketers must procure adequate data about the customer’s relevant purchase and behavioral habits across numerous internal channels and systems. Also, marketers must augment the beneficial supplementary demographic and psychographic data.

Marketing teams are disconnected, just like siloed platforms and data. Marketers must ensure that the email marketing teams coordinate with the mobile application team to provide an efficient customer journey. Combining CJO and AI will enable the teams to work from the start of the campaign and content creation to the augmentation and optimization of the collective marketing efforts.

  • Personalized Journey

Marketers must ensure they employ a customer-centric approach. They should consider the experience an individual expects versus a one-size fits all approach attracting many customers in a similar pattern. At the same time, a segmented system facilitates sending messages on a parallel channel. However, these efforts do not personalize the timing, content, and medium, offering a decent outcome to meet the increasing customer expectations.

  • Omnichannel Approach

After the integrations and personalization, businesses must evolve the customer experience approach via omnichannel for a customer-centric approach rather than reactive marketing driven. While companies can establish CJO to interpret multi-channel, AI applications thrive in refining unstructured and structured data sources. Enhancing marketing automation allows businesses to offer tailored customer experiences effectively.

Strategies to Effectively Optimize Customer Experience with CJO and AI

  • Establish Goals

Before optimization, marketers must determine clear goals to understand the requirements, expectations, and measures of success. They must station big goals that correlate with customer value and experience measurement, after which marketers can narrow the plans to something actionable.

It is better to initiate will smaller series of actions that can transform into a pilot project. The overall goal, for example, is to sell a service or product across various marketing channels and convert the customers into referrers and repeat buyers. While this is a definitive goal, marketers can consider aiming the pilot project more specifically, like maximizing the product views from social media ads.

  • Select Adequate Tools

To implement the pilot project, deploying the right tools is vital. Numerous CJO tools are available; hence, evaluating them before selecting them is essential. Marketers must consider adequate flexibility, technical knowledge, and price before implementing. From the AI perspective, businesses must rely on an in-house data science expert or an external consultant to put forth an application. Application by the latter helps businesses to incur data from marketing channels, followed by a scoring assignment for each interaction.

When a customer, for instance, follows an ad and views three products on the brand website will get a score of 10, while a customer who views only one product will get a score of 5, respectively. After the company procures sufficient data, it can initiate viewing which messages are most effective and valuable to audiences.

  • Begin the Pilot Project

Once businesses construe goals and identify the right tools, they can create the pilot project. Through its application programming interface, marketers must connect CJO tools to their marketing platforms. These platforms might include popular social media advertising platforms, the brand website, and analytics tools.

Additionally, it is essential to define parameters to test and interpret the processes. Businesses can utilize two dimensions- A/B testing to test numerous messaging variations and multiple audience segments, determined as per the target audiences.

Furthermore, businesses must connect AI applications to entire marketing platforms enabling them to measure and analyze which approach is successful. Once the CJO tool, AI applications, and marketing platforms integrate, companies can initiate the pilot.

  • Test, Measure, and Expand

Initiating a pilot project will help marketers understand and map out the next steps. When testing and measuring, it is essential to determine whether or not businesses have met the goals set for the project, any gaps the internal team must know, the resources required to scale the pilot project, and if the project is worth investing in.

Combining CJO tools with marketing technology platforms and analytics tools allows businesses to determine its working in numerous dimensions. Moreover, the pilot project can expand to encompass supplementary marketing channels or further into the funnel to ring product sales. The idea here for marketers is to develop methodically, enabling them to understand the data effectively.

Why AI and CJO?

The embedding data services capture interaction data while speech and text analytics, intent mining, and identity resolution are applied automatically. This offers marketers crucial insights which they can utilize to refine and personalize engagements for better customer outcomes.

Employing CJO and AI-based approaches to optimize the existing marketing efforts impacts the business’s ability to deliver valuable customer and brand experiences. Utilizing AI and customer journey orchestration benefits businesses impeccably. By enhancing marketing platforms’ communication and displaying robust ways to reach customers, companies can augment their efforts and establish a valuable customer experience.

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