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Customer relationship management (CRM) software is essential for all businesses, regardless of industry, size, or type. In this blog, let’s get a holistic view of CRM solutions and the top CRM vendors in the market:

What is CRM Software?

Customer relationship management (CRM) solution offers presales, sales, and aftersales ream with a holistic view of customer interaction of the entire client lifecycle. The top CRM vendors help business leaders to automate workflow to streamline customer inquiries, grievances, and concern resolution most effectively. CRM tool offers the marketing, sales, and customer support teams a holistic view of prospects and customers in the sales funnel to customize their approach. Moreover, the best CRM software has inbuilt tools like email marketing software and Chatbots to enhance customer interactions.

What are the Must-Have Features in CRM?

Different vendors offer different robust features that help their customers to accomplish their customer experience goals. Based on the organization’s needs, businesses can select the right CRM solution that fits their needs and scales with it. Here are a few must-have features that CMOs need to consider before they make their purchase decision:

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Workflow Automation

Automation is the new normal; it isn’t a great fit if the CRM software does not automate organizations’ workflows.


Every organization will have unique customer relationship management needs based on the industry and customer expectations. Customization is a crucial feature business must look out for in CRM software. If the CRM tools cannot fit the organization’s needs and help it scale, all the investments will be in vain.

Third-party Integration

Enterprises have multiple software and applications integrated into their tech stack to streamline the operations of various departments. Integrating a CRM solution with all the relevant tools will help streamline workflows and enhance customer experience. Hence CRM solutions should be able to integrate with other tools to enhance business processes seamlessly.

Employee Tracking

CRM tools should allow businesses to track the performance and activity of their customer-facing teams to monitor their success and failures.

Social Media Management

An in-built social media management system will allow businesses to manage all their social media channels through a single interface.

Lead Management

Another essential must-have feature in any customer relationship management software is lead management. Organizations should look for lead management features that help businesses gather and nurture leads effectively.

Data Analytics

Modern businesses generate a tremendous amount of data with valuable insights from the customer. Hence, robust data analytics tools are essential for any CRM solution. The best CRM solutions have artificial intelligence-based data analytics tools that help organizations to make data-driven decisions to ensure success.

Automated Reporting

While looking for a CRM solution for the organization, decision-makers need tools with automated reporting features to streamline reporting. Business leaders must look for software that generates customized reports to evaluate real-time business performance.

Sales Predictions

The top CRM software has artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities that enable business leaders to make accurate sales forecasts based on previous purchase history. These predictions can significantly improve the manufacturing process by reducing waste.


Automated Email marketing is a must feature every CRM should have to streamline customer interactions. If most clients prefer a different interaction channel, the CRM must also have it to enhance the CX.

Feedback Management System

All enterprises must gather client feedback to understand their pain points while using the products or services. CRM should be able to gather customer feedback and analyze it to make strategic business decisions to improve the CX.

Top 8 CRM software

Various CRM software vendors are available in the market that can help businesses streamline their marketing, sales, and customer service operations. 

Here is a list of the top 8 CRM software vendors that decision-makers can consider:

  • Salesforce

Salesforce is a suite of products and services that help businesses drive success. It is an effective solution for businesses looking to improve their sales, service, and marketing. This CRM solution offers a range of industry-specific solutions that can modernize businesses, save time, and lower costs.

  • Contact Management Software
  • Opportunity Management
  • Lead Management
  • Forecast Management
  • Mobile CRM Solutions for Business
  • Activity Management
  • Pipeline and Forecast Management
  • Sales Automation
  • Files Sync and Share
  • Data Management
  • Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM is one of the top 8 CRM software that helps marketing and service teams accomplish their goals focusing on boosting productivity, engaging with customers in moments that matter, and ensuring business growth. This CRM tool enables organizations to identify all cross-selling opportunities and accounts at-risk, scoring leads, routing cases, and so much more.


●   Quote Management Systems

●  CRM Reporting & Dashboards

●  CRM for Sales Forecasting

●  SugarBPM™ CRM

●  CRM Customization and Configuration

●  Mobile CRM App

●  CRM Campaign Management

  • Multilingual and Multicurrency Support
  • CRM for Project Management
  • Teams, Roles, and Security
  • Case Management and Bug Tracking Solution
  • Self–Service Portal
  • Knowledge Base Management
  • Social CRM
  • CRM for G Suite
  • Activity Streams
  • CRM & Email and Calendar Integration
  • CRM for Sales Lead Management
  • Search, Filters, and Tagging
  • Sugar Connector to DocuSign
  • Sugar Connector to Slack
  • Mobile CRM Maps
  • Freshworks

Freshworks is a modern Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM solution that solves multiple, complex business problems. This CRM solution has a user-friendly interface that marketing, sales, customer support, and IT solutions teams can leverage to streamline their processes.

  • Productivity
  • Communication
  • Context
  • Marketing Automation
  • Freddy AI
  • Deal Management
  • Analytics
  • Mobile
  • Monday CRM

This sales CRM software allows businesses to customize the tools based on their needs. Monday CRM enables the marketing teams to gather more leads and enrich the customer experience. Moreover, the tool offers better visibility into the sales funnel and automates repetitive tasks to reduce the work burden.


●  Email sync

●  Email tracking

●  Email templates

●  Activity management

●  Performance tracking

●  Dashboards

●  Sales forecasting

●  Activity tracking

●  Team goals

●  Data Import

●  Merge duplicate data

● Lead capturing

  • SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud enables enterprises and SMEs to speed up the purchase process and enhance sales with its sales performance management software. Organizations can simplify and automate selling processes with the SAP Sales Cloud solution. This CRM tool offers sellers intelligent recommendations that help them to make data-driven decisions to improve conversion rates.


● Intelligent Sales

●  Pipeline manager

●  Pipeline flow

  • Digital Selling

●  Omnichannel engagement

●  Intelligent prioritization

●  Optimized user experience

●  Dynamic sales journeys

●  Actionable sales analytics

●  Sales campaigns

●  360-degree account insights

●  Interactive analytics

●  Performance-focused dashboards

●  Scalable Sales Automation

●  Unified platform

● Scalable selling

● Engagement automation

● Deep integration

● Retail Execution and Field Sales

  • NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This CRM tool allows organizations to gather a unified view of their prospects, customers, partners, and vendors to offer presales, sales, and customer support teams to get the real-time data they require to deliver top-notch customer experiences and increase sales.

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Service Management
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Mobile
  • Reporting and Analytics
  1. Keap

Keap CRM is one of the preferred CRM systems for small business CRM. This automation platform is developed to help small businesses save time and scale exponentially with less friction. It is a user-friendly CRM tool that enables organizations to categorize leads, automate redundant tasks, and get paid quickly without third-party interference.

  • Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • B2B Capabilities
  • Invoices
  • Appointments
  • Mobile App
  • Quotes
  • Recurring Payments
  • Reminders & Reports
  • Internal Forms
  • Text Marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Sales Pipeline
  • A/B Testing
  • Checkout Forms
  • Lead Scoring
  • Analytics
  • HubSpot CRM Platform

HubSpot is another top 8 CRM software solution that helps businesses to gather leads, close deals, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. This CRM platform has all the software, integrations, and resources businesses require to align presales, sales, content management, and after-sales support.

  • Contact Management
  • Deal Stages
  • Daily Dashboards
  • Task Management
  • Content Repository
  • Automated Data Capture
  • Reporting
  • Mobile
  • Integration with Marketing Automation
  • Personalized Sequences
  • Canned Snippets
  • Email Integration
  • Custom Support Form Fields
  • Meeting Scheduling

Customer Relationship Management software is an essential tool that helps businesses to enrich the customer experience and enhance customer lifecycle management. Business decision-makers can consider these top 8 CRM software while exploring the market to look for a CRM tool.

Nikhil Sonawane
Nikhil Sonawane
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